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  1. I really wish the NFL would stop turning on that end zone force field every time Julio makes a catch
  2. It's not crazy at all, and it wasn't crazy when people were saying it at the time. The downside of not agreeing to the 175mil deal then is exactly what happened. How much will any extra money above the original 175mil even affect his quality of life? Another 30, 40, even 60 million on top of that isn't actually worth that much. It wouldn't change his life in any meaningful way. A lost season and a devasting injury on the other hand, definitely could. So saying freak injury as if that means anything in regard to his contract situation is laughable. The NFL is a breeding ground
  3. So you agree that he's a bust but you would rather call a bust a nonbust?
  4. That seems super optimistic, even if it was guaranteed he would never get hurt
  5. Too bad there isn't a 70 page thread discussing this exact situation. No idea what to do, guess we'll never have an answer
  6. As an owner of Drake and Montgomery, you have nothing to worry about. You season was already over
  7. This commentator really does not understand what "worst case scenario" means.
  8. What are you talking about? I don't own MT on any of my teams and I didn't say anything about trying to sell him or give any reasons to sell. Selling now wouldn't be very wise. Maybe you confused the post of mine that you quoted with someone else
  9. Why was anyone expecting more? Lousy offense with a lousy QB, and not like hes super talented himself.
  10. I think this thread is for players you can claim off waivers, and not players sitting on someones bench or starting lineup in 99% of leagues
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