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  1. I say yes. With DHop out of Houston now I think the only possibly rollercoaster you could be facing with acquiring Fuller is his health. His target share is generous and I don't see that changing any time soon - he is a great receiver.
  2. I think that dumping Diontae could be the right call, unfortunately. The part I question is acquiring Drake in return - the situation in AZ with Edmonds taking more and more work from Drake scares me. But this trade does provide you more depth at RB immediately. The trade seems fair to me considering the risk on both sides. Thanks for mine!
  3. Hey y'all! I'm looking for a little help setting my starting lineup for this weekend. Please let me know your thoughts! I need to start 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and 1 W/R/T flex. Also wondering who the best TE free agent is for Waller's bye week. The players in bold are the players I was thinking of suiting up. WR: Adam Thielen, Chris Godwin, Terry McLaurin, Chase Claypool RB: Zeke Elliott, Ron Jones II, Phillip Lindsay, D'Andre Swift TE: Jimmy Graham, Austin Hooper, Eric Ebron, Trey Burton are my favourite available FA options this week Thank you, as always! And WHIR.
  4. This is a must-do. And I don't necessarily think the other owner won't go for it - if I was them I would be accepting that trade all day long based on how this season has played out for me.
  5. You need immediate RB help if you want to keep afloat this season - I'm in a similar situation in my league. I would accept this trade, gives you a solid RB1 for (likely) 2 weeks in exchange for your backup TE. As stated, once CMC returns this becomes fairly useless to you as Davis returns to a role somewhat similar to your other backs, Swift, Akers, and Dobbins. I guess probably not so much a RBBC but rather far fewer touches, depending on CMC's injury. As @DarinB300 said, your other best option is to gamble and attempt to get a ROS RB1 for Kelce and pray that Tonyan keeps putting up numbers. I do like the looks of Tonyan ROS even with Adams returning.
  6. This was very insightful! Thank you. I went ahead and accepted the RoJo/Fuller trade because I absolutely cannot stand to have Ingram as my RB2 for one more weekend. Ingram’s floor is ridiculous with Baltimore’s 4-way run share.
  7. Take this! All three of the players you'd be acquiring are gold.
  8. IMO whichever one you're grabbing, you're grabbing them for trade bait. Based on your roster you won't be starting neither Cam nor Claypool... go for whichever gives you more leverage in a trade.
  9. Based on your other WRs, I say definitely do it.
  10. My first choice is to drop Deebo, second choice would be Slayton. I like Tee Higgins ROS quite a bit, the Bengals seem to be settling in. And I just find Claypool intriguing and exciting, plus I grew up where he's from! I'm a fan.
  11. Ouch. I am not one to tap dance on another's misfortune... I was just merely suggesting that if they are going to suspend MGIII, they might as well do it this season. I would never root for a player to get injured, or in this case, receive a DUI.
  12. Thanks! I generally do stream a defense, but if I happen to stumble upon a defense that is playing consistently well, I will roster one and stream another just based on the schedule for theweek.
  13. I agree with the consensus. Definitely a trade that could go either way down the stretch. With Julio nursing this injury I like the looks of Ridley. I do like this trade for you, and I would accept.
  14. Yeah, I hear you. I agree. I guess the only reason I hesitate is because I already have Cam Akers and Jamaal Williams, who I both see as in a similar role to Swift. How many RB3/4/5 but possible RB2 based on injury/workload players do I need? That's unfortunate re: Colts and Swift... can't believe no one in your league already had the Colts DST though. Good luck!
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