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  1. You are correct, the "rookie wall" excuse didn't exist last year for the Steelers. Would you like to know what else didn't exist last year for the Steelers? Any serious chance at a playoff run and COVID. The Steelers were lucky that they weren't trading away a top 10 draft pick last year for Minkah Fitzpatrick, so trying to save your rookie receiver for a playoff run that isn't coming is rather silly and you might as well get him as much experience as you can for next season and get him acclimated to the wear and tear, right? I could see them keeping his playing time lower for a
  2. I’m not saying that they’re trying to lose or anything, but they have 4 quality receivers on the roster and a quality catching tight end - all of them, with the exception of Claypool, have experience dealing with the rigors is the NFL season. In addition to that, they’ve played 10 straight games, with 3 of those games coming in a 12 day span. That’s a brutal stretch, and it would be absolutely foolish to risk grinding the rookie out in such a tough stretch when they have such a wealth of pass catchers that they can fall back on. While more Claypool would have probably helped in the past two ga
  3. Have you guys considered the fact that they are an 11 and 2 team that has Super Bowl aspirations and they want to make sure that their stud rookie is ready to perform when the games actually matter? First round bye is great and all, but who in their right mind actually believed they were going 16-0 and squeezing out the Chiefs? I think we’re starting to swerve into that land where we think that good for fantasy equals good for IRL guys.
  4. If I were to venture a guess, I would have to think it has something to do with the coaching staff trying to give him a little rest. People seem to be forgetting that this is game 2 of a 3 game in 12 day stretch . Not only that, but they had to burn their bye week in week 4. Attrition is taking its toll and they probably decided to slow the rookie down a little to preserve him for the stretch. Surely it wasn’t to give us the treat of watching Diontae Johnson and Eric Ebron drop catchable balls all night while Benny Snell personifies whiskey d*** at the half yard line.
  5. Now that we’re 9 games in, I would say a little bit of both. It is really encouraging though that he’s averaging 10 targets over his past three games. I also saw a stat floating around that his 9 touchdowns in 9 games is the most of any rookie receiver since 1970, so he definitely looks like he’s a special player and he’s getting a lot of high value targets. It’s very much looking like the Steelers will not have the cap space to afford a luxury like Juju, so while he’s proving proving productive this season, there’s definitely reason to be excited if you have him in dynasty or keeper leagues.
  6. That was a really tough game to watch. Neither Ben nor his receivers, with maybe the exception of Juju, looked very sharp. Ben wasn’t making the best throws, receivers (including Claypool) were dropping catchable balls, and the refs seemed to swallow the whistle on the PI calls - though this may have been because the balls were deemed uncatchable. He did make a pretty nice sideline grab at one point and probably 3-4 of those targets were deep balls. Better things on the horizon as long as Rudolph doesn’t ever have to go in. The final drive of the first half might have been the low point o
  7. I personally blame the alcohol when that happens to me. And that, gentlemen, is probably where the comparisons between me and a 6’-4”, 240lb stud NFL receiver start and end.
  8. The only thing that I could find this early was from PFF, and they claimed Claypool was on the field for 65% of offensive snaps. According to Mark Kaboly at the Pittsburgh Athletic, Claypool almost exclusively faced off against Malcom Butler. The Steelers did move him around the formation, but considering that what they had was working I don’t think that Ben felt the need to force anything to him. If nothing else, this was a great learning experience. The Steelers game plan was to control the ball and keep the Titans offense off of the field, so with that being the goal, it would have bee
  9. This is the correct take. According to the announcers, the defense was giving Claypool the #1 WR treatment all day and the Titans were selling out to make sure he wasn’t busting any plays on them. Roethlisberger correctly threw to his other really good receivers instead of forcing it to Claypool. The “pass” that he did get was one of those jet sweeps where they pitch it forward so it’s a pass. Clowney was on him almost immediately and caught his arm right after he secured it to pop it loose. Claypool still made a heck of a play to recover it and almost get it back to scrimmage. The Steele
  10. I had to refresh my memory a little bit since it tried to forget last season in its entirety. Diontae had 3 catches in what, if I’m remembering correctly, was a complete route by the Patriots week 1. By halftime week 2 Ben was done for the season. Prior to Claypool’s emergence, Diontae had 10 and 13 targets. In week 6, the Steelers threw 10 fewer passes than their 2020 per game average, so even if you are worried that Diontae comes back to the same target numbers, there is room for him to return without affecting Claypool’s 4 targets from last week. If anything, I would think that Diontae
  11. Wouldn’t have it any other way - and I get where you’re coming from as a position of caution. From a standpoint of setting your roster, it’s not a wrong opinion to have. From the perspective of whether you want him on your roster, you of course have to consider the cost of acquisition, but the I believe it’s a resounding “yes.” I think though that Diontae Johnson is a false variable, and I don’t see how he is seen as some entrenched veteran. He’s a fantasy football breakout darling. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is and is going to be a great receiver, but why do we assume at this point that t
  12. It has EVERYTHING to do with talent. This is the NFL, the players and coaching staff have a vested interest in doing everything in their power to win games. Right now you have a player that is scoring or coming extremely close to scoring at an extremely high rate in relation to his touches. What coach is going to say “Touchdowns be damned, we have to pass to everyone equally”? 9/10 times you’re right to be bearish on a rookie, but this looks like that 10th time. We’re saying that this kid legitimately looks like the next superstar at the position and that’s why you buy in to him. Not volu
  13. They did review it - his elbow was down, but he did everything that he could to try to punch it in. Everyone is looking at this particular play as one where he could have had an additional touchdown, but his 36 yard catch from earlier in the game could have easily been another. His momentum carried him out of bounds, but if that ball is placed just a little different, he's taking it in. That in-turn led to the Conner touchdown. It really is amazing how much of a threat he is to punch it in anytime he touches the ball. The game plan was definitely to exploit the coverage against Washington, but
  14. If you’re not already pumped enough, here’s the obligatory puff piece to kick this hype train into the next gear! https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2020/10/16/T-J-Houshmandzadeh-trainer-Chase-Claypool-Steelers-Browns/stories/202010150185 Choo choo
  15. Longtime lurker and Steelers fan, but I've been watching Claypool closely since the rave reviews started coming out of camp, so I'm going to wade into this debate. I think this take is pretty reasonable, but I'm going to play a little Devil's Advocate. What if the target spread, and by extension game plan, aren't as much of a driving force as they are symptoms of the lack of an elite offensive play-maker aside from Ben? I understand that it's still VERY early to be bestowing the "Elite" and "Superstar" tags to Claypool, but if you look at all of the information in front of us right n
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