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  1. Second for the FantasyFootballers although I don’t think anyone has pointed out that 2 of the 3 usually rank very high in accuracy each year. Second FantasyPros as well. Tags really does his homework. glta
  2. 👆 this he reminds me of what Woods was/is in terms of fantasy. Nothing really jaw dropping but at the end of the year you will realize you had a very consistent top 15-20 WR.
  3. Agree it is hard to assess, in full, with this team but last i looked he was top 3 PFF broken tackle %.
  4. agree with this and am a huge fan. the one thing that us fantasy folks don’t always take into consideration tho is the non-fantasy strengths/weaknesses of these guys. The truth is that Gibson still appears to be learning pass-pro and has missed some blocks. That goes hand in hand with getting more snaps and takes time to learn. but agree, his future is very bright.
  5. agree with this assessment. the one thing missing that all of us DJ owners have had to deal with tho, is that his floor due to injury any given week is low. I know you aren’t supposed to plan for injury but his history in the first half of the season has caused us all to think a bit more than we probably should. that said I’m firing him up for the reasons you stated.
  6. plus he played a lot of snaps in the slot from what I read 👍🏻
  7. Not sure. On one hand it couldn’t get worse but on the other, he might use more of a RBBC. We might not get a true read this weekend either if Montgomery sits.
  8. totally agree with this take - exactly what it feels like watching him
  9. while I do think he is one of the better options ROS (not saying much of course), and the trend before the injury was positive, not sure if people are ignoring the possibility that with Chubb back, there might be less passes overall.
  10. Agree the odds are that Drake is the lead back again but it is still somewhat of a committee. Snap counts favored Drake 60-40ish. ironically they were almost equal in terms of fantasy points despite that.
  11. I think it is more even than it looks IMO in dynasty when you consider Kelce is 4 years older. Not saying it wasn’t a good trade, just that there are two sides to the coin when building a long term fantasy team.
  12. I’m actually thinking the “game is out of hand so let’s let’s give Henne and Bell some extra reps” narrative is more likely than the revenge narrative.
  13. 👆 this is exactly what’s it’s like
  14. anyone else find it ironic when fantasy football writers make fun of an NFL players athleticism?
  15. so hard to tell with this team and playcalling tho
  16. You’re disappointed that a guy isn’t injured more severely? K. 🙄 real life > your fantasy team
  17. If I don’t have a dominant fantasy D (very few this year) I’ll stream based on opponent (ie whoever is playing the Jets or Giants lol) That said, if we are talking season-long and not DFS then just start the best option you can at each position regardless of whether that defense is playing guys on your offense etc. They are mutually exclusive from a fantasy perspective in that they will score what they will score regardless of whether you start them or not.
  18. All three are really good but based on the way the Titans approached the game, they disagree with you.
  19. Fwiw Johnson does not take most of his snaps in the slot. That is usually JuJu. agree He is the best route runner on the team
  20. PPR? I don’t think that is “crazy” at all. Very realistic given the matchup. Sure, it might not happen but “crazy” would be a stretch IMO. He’s getting looks and the cats are throwing a ton. glta
  21. Green seemed to be running shorter routes last game for the first time this year. Feels like they finally figured out he could not play his old role anymore which opens the door for Higgins to really take that over.
  22. While his role has not really changed much IMO (he is still mostly the early down back and mostly the GL back), I *think* the highest outcome that folks were hoping for is probably gone now. If you were holding him to see if he took all the work with Eckler out, the answer is no and that ceiling is gone. If you were holding him in case he is the last man standing, you now only have a few weeks left for that to play out with one injury (Jackson). Once Ekeler rejoins, you need two injuries. If you were holding him hoping Herbert would somehow require a strong early down run game, that ceilin
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