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  1. Looks like with kyler shoulder still a concern we will see alot more drake goal line carries and dumpoffs/targets
  2. So his basically going 2nd round min now next draft. This guy is going to be legit
  3. Which this week do you guys like this week Kenyan Drake or Duke Johnson ppr league.
  4. I thinks it's till the waiver period opens up
  5. AB or Woods ppr league who should I start. Offers the biggest upside
  6. Hopefully he goes a lil under radar.So I can pick him again next year, prob be in the 3rd-5th round range
  7. Hopefully he goes a lil under radar.So I can pick him again next year, prob be in the 3rd-5th round range
  8. For this week where do rank these in ppr league Kenyan Drake, Gio Benard, Duke Johnson
  9. Yall giving him to many excuses. AB just came back to and his getting and looking better already in his 2nd game, with a whole new team and playbook. Michael Thomas is straight bust status
  10. This literally makes no sense on paper or watching. Wtf is with this mckissisc stuff give gibson the ball.
  11. Thanks guys. Was thinking that to gio just brings that safer floor with still some upside. Could get alot of short passes with steelers pass rush
  12. Will never understand why my friends keep calling this guy the best rb in the league dont see it at all.
  13. I keep telling my friends henry is not the best rb in the league. As soon as you go up 2 tds on the titans you take him out the game
  14. Which one should I start Gio,Antonio,Reagor,Lazard. With Mixon looking iffy and reports Lazard could come back. Which one of these guys should I start in my flex in my ppr league
  15. Which defense you like more this week Bucs or Washington?
  16. played alright this week, got 11 targets. His looking like a nice flex option vs the vikings trash defense
  17. Next game vs the Titans. He gotta chance to show out. Best bet to hold. Still like his chances with him getting more carries taylor again
  18. majority reports say his good to go. This first we seen of this
  19. Forgot to take Jamal Williams out my lineup and started tonyan smfh. Don't know how I make it out with a win this week
  20. Good thing I only needed tonyan for this week an auto drop
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