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  1. He could have had 3 rushing TD's against the Lions. The one Cordarrel Paterson scored on was a 5 yard run, after Montgomery got them to the 5 yard line the majority of the drive.
  2. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but Conner is a cancer survivor, who knows how COVID effects him. Either way, kid is tough and this break may have given time for his other injuries to heal.
  3. Gurley was also limited yesterday and out today. Sounds like a veteran day off for both.
  4. The coach stated recent that he never had COVID he went on the list due to close contact with someone who had it. He basically had a week off, so hopefully that got him healthy and he looks good on Sunday. Both Hines and Wilkins got banged up also. League Winner Incoming.
  5. Rhule wants to win every game. There are multiple examples of this being reported recently. I doubt that they shut anyone down this season, Rhule wants to win every game. He's a football junkie.
  6. I understand they have to account for Cook. If Theilen plays, they have to worry about Theilen + Cook + Jefferson. Without Theilen, they only have to worry about Cook + Jefferson. I acknowledge that Jefferson is elite talent and he can beat any corner 1 on 1. But, they can float more help over to jefferson double and triple teaming.
  7. I dont think this really effects him positively. The Panthers dont even have to focus on anyone else other than Jefferson.
  8. I remember hearing that Falcons were highest on Hill, out of the backups to Gurley. I haven't followed Gurley's status all season, not sure if he has missed time this season or not. That would give a good indication of how it might play out.
  9. Is he still in line to take on the majority of touches of Gurley misses Sunday?
  10. Is Brian Hill likely going to take on majority of touches if Gurley is ruled out?
  11. Do we know if he is on COVID list due to testing positive himself or close contact?
  12. He looked fantastic the last 2 weeks. Coming off of a bye I thought he would be healthy for the remainder of season, unfortunate situation now.
  13. Im hoping this kids projection is similar to Miles Sanders 2019. He has too much skill and too good of a situation for him to disappoint the rest of the year. They also might want to increase his workload to really see what he's got.
  14. If Carson is inactive, I'm definitely starting him. I dont have many other options but I think hes at least a RB2 if Carson doesnt play.
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