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  1. Tannehill is indifferent between them. It shows. One player is much better than the other though, which also shows.
  2. He's frustrating to own for all of the reasons that everyone has mentioned. But he's a supreme talent and I just can't quit him. Good chance I take him in the 3rd/4th next year. Might burn me but goddamn do I love me some AJB.
  3. They can still win while Russ underperforms for fantasy. I fully expect that.
  4. Your funeral man. He's going to put up 10-15 points again.
  5. Truly a special player and an absolute fantasy beast. I'm out of it but I'll be cheering like hell for Henry to hit 2k.
  6. Dude has been awesome since Boyle went down. Consistent ~6 targets a game with plenty of RZ work.
  7. The RBBC is dead. If he's active/healthy then you start him.
  8. Jalen Hurts on my bench while Russ completely duds yet again. I knew I should bench Russ - felt it all week. But of course I was called "crazy" and Russ was still a top 5 guy according to the experts. They also told me that Hurts had no ceiling. Cost me my season. One thing I've learned this year is that I need to rely on my own analysis and instincts. Deferring to the opinions of those whom are more "well-informed" cost me multiple weeks.
  9. This guy is a stud. The fumble sucks but what a performance when people needed it.
  10. We all saw it coming. Feel like Russ has been riding on the incredible start to his season all year. You cannot trust him in Week 16 against the Rams pass rush. You are better off streaming off of waivers.
  11. You gotta. Bucs are probably gonna stop Ryan in the red zone like 6 times.
  12. Oh for Christ's sake now MT is out. Kamara is going to put up 50 points.
  13. Think I'm out, but he's still worthy of a FLEX start over the Pittmans, Bowdens and Hansons of the world.
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