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  1. This is already starting to feel like a season-long TNF hype train disaster.
  2. Most of this team is DND in my opinion. Maybe Chark if he falls a bit.
  3. If he’s actually going be the starting slot receiver I’m very intrigued. Robert Woods replacement for Goff? As good of a late round dart throw as any of the other rookie wideouts not named Chase or Smith.
  4. Etienne working out as a WR in rookie camp.
  5. Kamara is just as risky imo with the QB uncertainty. And he’s a low volume guy to begin with. I have Saquon neck and neck with King Henry after CMC and Cook. I’m OK picking at 5 but I sure as hell don’t want to pick at 3.
  6. Exactly where I’m at with AJB. Well said.
  7. Hard to point down when you're lying on the basement floor.
  8. I do not understand football. Daniel Jones is handsome and he holds car doors open on dates. QB1 rest of career.
  9. So you’re telling me there’s a chance?
  10. Probably fair. Cinci is shaping up to be like the 2020 Steelers. Would not be surprised if all three of Chase, Higgins and Boyd are top-24 WRs next year.
  11. Didn't see a 2021 thread but apologies if I missed it. What are we thinking for Sutton in 2021? Putting his lost season aside, in 2019 he had 72 receptions on 124 targets for 1112 yards and 6 TDs. He finished as the WR19 in 0.5 PPR. That was before the Broncos drafted Jerry Jeudy and it was also Fant's rookie season. Drew Lock, unfortunately, does not seem to have progressed much, if at all, while Sutton has been out of the game. I'm pretty high on Sutton and will be very happy drafting him as my WR2. He was the clear alpha in 2019 and I think he takes that crown back in 2021. H
  12. If someone doesn't get fired over this then there is no justice in the world.
  13. Was he working construction before the signing? Ripping cigs perhaps? As a Packers fan I am dismayed.
  14. I get the feeling that he's already the WR1 on the Bengals and that's a good team to be a WR1 on...
  15. I'm willing to bet that the Titans pass more this year given the coaching changes, but we'll see. Regardless, I agree with your premise big time. AJB is the ultimate big fish in a small pond.
  16. Daniel Jones has a lot of things working in his favor this year, but unfortunately he's just sort-of bad at football and that seems like an impediment to fantasy success at the QB position.
  17. I'm guessing his ADP is going to rise pretty steadily. I think CEH is a locked and loaded RB2 at least this year. If you can comfortably get him in the third it makes going RB --> WR/TE --> RB easy mode.
  18. Yeah but Aiyuk was more or less free last year (or if he was drafted he was taken late). You're looking at a mid-round pick for Pitts and that cost will probably increase as we approach draft season.
  19. He was also an RB1 (I think) until the Bell signing and that was with very few TDs. Both CEH and Swift are great values in the back of the second/early third this year.
  20. I am. If you want Mahomes you probably need to take him in the second but yeah that's not my style. Give me Kyler/Dak in the fifth or sixth. If I take Kelce in the first don't think I want a QB before the 10th.
  21. I think if you go Kelce in the first (or even the second) then it's tough to grab a QB in the early or mid-rounds. Need to get someone like Stafford or Ryan in the back of the draft.
  22. If you can get him anywhere in the second it's a slam dunk. I pulled that off last year but doubt it's possible this year.
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