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  1. Unreal catch by Hop but also for Kyler to roll out from pressure, avoid the sack, then heave that ball 50 yards into the endzone in the face of a defender is soooo damn impressive.
  2. Anyone using him as a bye-week replacement this week?
  3. Holy **** this guy has never done anything remotely similar to this in the NFL and college nor exhibited any attitude problems or concerns. He legit carried his team and had the ball taken out of his hands twice on 4th down costing them the game. Stop bashing on his competitiveness and it honestly sounds like needless hating to me how he can be anyone's "least likeable players in the league".
  4. I am pretty solid at receiver and am trying to swing a trade for a RB2. Trying to figure out who you guys would value the most to the least. Thanks again in advance guys! Will Fuller Stefon Diggs Diontae Johnson All have some questions marks: Fuller with the "Texans receivers" trade rumors and always an injury risk, Diggs with a struggling Josh Allen and Diontae Johnson with the injury risk as well.
  5. Ahhh eff it I'm starting him over Justin Jackson. Who's taking the leap with me?
  6. Brady apparently loved AB during his brief stint in New England so I wouldn't say it's impossible
  7. Anyone worried about the amount of touches Kamara will get when MT returns?
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