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  1. I’m drafting 12th next year (winner of my league drafts last [humble brag]) and I’m fully torqued to take him at the turn. He is very good at football and - correct me if I’m wrong - I don’t think coaches really pay attention to PFF grades. I don’t view Henderson as a threat at all, especially considering they drafted Cam in the second a year after drafting Henderson in the third. To me that is a sign they weren’t sold on Darrell as their guy. You could argue depth at RB but that’s a lot of capital to spend on your backfield.. clearly they liked what they saw in Cam to nab him and once he was
  2. 12 man .5 PPR re-draft Overall record 10-3 QB: Deshaun Watson RB: Jeff Wilson RB: Zack Moss WR: Davante Adams WR: Calvin Ridley TE: Logan Thomas Flex: Diontae Johnson D/ST: Buffalo K: Cairo Santos Bench: Tom Brady Austin Hooper Tony Pollard Cam Akers Lynn Bowden, Jr. IR: Ronald Jones First round pick was Joe Mixon at the turn but I salvaged that by picking Davante. Lost the season point total by .7 which was brutal but can't complain too much. Pour one out for Jeff Wilson who looks like a
  3. With news of almost the entire WR crops out for Cleveland, you’d think Hooper would get a lot more run against the worst defense in the league against TEs. Seriously considering starting [...]
  4. It’s a battle of former Missouri legends at quarterback
  5. Welp hopefully Watson or Hurts blows up because I’m staring at Tommy on my bench. I knew this was a juicy matchup but good Lord this is a massacre
  6. [...] plan is to pivot to Zack Moss if Zeke is playing since Buffalo is playing Monday night. I have a feeling Zeke is gonna suit up.
  7. Cheers mate. He’s slotted in my RB1 slot after losing Rojo and Akers so I need him badly but also trying to stay somewhat realistic.
  8. Looks like Kittle is playing which is a boost to the run game. My not so bold prediction is 16 carries for 72 yards and a TD with a couple receptions sprinkled in. So around 15 in half ppr leagues which would be nice
  9. Any thoughts on him this weekend? He destroyed the Pats in their first matchup to the tune of ~80 and 2 TDs. The Pats have been getting embarrassed on the ground all year and one would think Belichick will do everything he can to stop Josh Allen from beating him. I know Singletary is still around but Moss seems to be the superior runner. Someone with a higher IQ on the Bills backfield feel free to fill me in but he seems like a great play on Monday especially with a lot question marks at the RB position.
  10. Yes he started and received a majority of carries. Wilson was out there on the second series (and received the only target) before Mullens fumbled so he didn’t get much run. But right after the half is when Mostert appeared to aggravate his injury and Wilson took over. Honestly unless you have some horses he’s a start. He is a good, hard runner and hopefully Beathard can sustain drives but there shouldn’t be any doubt on his volume. With Mostert out he will be the guy. My biggest concern is an injury because the dude runs like a mad man.
  11. Gaskin remaining inactive due to covid has to affect him right? Whether it’s his conditioning or how much the coaches want to push him.. you would have to figure it has an impact on his play. This is definitely a wait and see approach but I’d view it as Ahmed remaining the favorite for touches. I understand it’s still risky to play him if they’re both active though.
  12. I mostly added him to block my opponent who has Russ but now I'm tempted to start him over Brady and Watson. All three have great matchups but Jalen has shown his ceiling is immense. I always put myself in these start/sit situations so I hope this doesn't blow up in my face. It's still just his third NFL start and now there is more tape on him but man Dallas' defense is putrid. Can't see how he doesn't go for 30+
  13. Well the game is on Saturday not Sunday.. second of all it seems this guy is also speculating when he says "unlikely". Still quite a bit to uncover here.
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