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  1. if you think obj and evans have a couple years left it's probably a good deal. may want to shop claypool elsewhere though to see if you can get the rb help you need
  2. 0.5 ppr, I need your help setting the lineup that will score the most points. Need 2 RB: Rojo, CEH, Darrell Williams Need 1 WR: Mecole, Watkins, AB, Scotty Miller Need 1 flex from whoever not picked above TE: Brate or Gronk thanks!
  3. you see so many dumb questions on these types of forums that you cant help but to believe the poster is serious
  4. which of his one target impressed you the most to make that statement?
  5. Not reported enough, but he tweaked it last game in 1st qtr. Said so himself in comments earlier this week, but no one is acknowledging that fact. Same thing could happen again this week.
  6. a week ago very few seriously considered starting hurts even after his first start in week 14 from a fantasy persepective was good w/a lot of positives shown.... now after an elite game week 15 where he had a perfect gamescript people are talking about benching elite QB's like lamar, josh allen, kyler etc. to start hurts... i think it's nuts. i expect hurts to have a decent game but don't chase last weeks box score and think another 30+ is going to happen for sure.
  7. that is good news.... but doesnt look like wyatt teller is playing. this season when teller has been out the browns have struggled to run. last game was the first time chubb was active and teller was not, and chubb had his worst game since week 1 yardage wise. not saying bench chubb.... but at least acknowledge teller is a key piece of the run game
  8. g2g, should torch the gilmore-less NE defense
  9. he's going to get the volume, you'd have to have 2 really great RB's or great WR flex to keep lenny on your bench this week.
  10. the first SEA game the rams went heavy, a lot of 2TE and ran the ball. kupp was only on field for 53% of snaps (still had 7 trgets). would they try to do it again? unfortunately i have nothing at WR. id imagine most are benching if they can
  11. i disagree. it does not mention covid at all. the writer apparently thinks rojo will be cleared in time though i dont see any reason to think he has any actual inforamtion to back that up. i guess i hope at tomorrow's presser w/arians we get some clarity on his status
  12. that piece merely explains why if he's active he'll start over fournette
  13. this is going to be a tough call. i'll need to see a FP designation this week to consider starting him.
  14. seems unlikely to play? he likely has covid otherwise he would have been activated by now. 10 days from last wednesday is saturday. are they going to suit him up w/zero practice on saturday?
  15. i really hope glazer comes through with the details for us pregame
  16. im actually not worried about KA being inactive... i think he'll be active... i worry far more about how much playing time he'll get or re-injury. so for me the pracitce squad info doesnt really help here. they have 6 WR's on the active roster so even if mike will is down they'd still have 4 plus whatever KA can give them.
  17. What is somewhat concerning is the fact they played him on third down only at the end of the game. Would they be willing to have him active in a limited role all game? I'm hoping for solid pregame reporting on him tomorrow. Hopefully glazer comes through with the details in the pregame show
  18. Yup, he's clearly calling passes to boost his stats for mvp
  19. Except his last 5 games which have been barely qb2 quality on average
  20. agree im starting jrob over akers. outside the 77 yard run last week maybe aaron jones is the guy to bench as he hasnt done squat besides that run since i acquired him via ttrade week 9. see mine nonsense here https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/833467-need-22-chubb-or-hollywood-whir/
  21. need 22 to stay alive in 0.5ppr. small 2 pt bonus for getting to 100 yds and for long td's is it insane to consider hollywood over chubb? the ravens rarely give up big games on the ground. i'd need to see 140-1 or 100+ and 2tds for chubb to get 22 points. for hollywood to get there i'd need one long td combined with 100 yards. im probably going to start chubb but just wanting to see on a 1-100 scale how buts is hollywood over brown given my situation.
  22. yes. thrilled actually, just acquired him in dynasty so excited for 2021. still was really odd to me... for a guy who was using all 3 in a committee the entire year to just stick with one for 31 touches. i personally dont think henderson is a bum and i dont think he is that much worse (if at all) than akers. so to basically not play henderson was very bizarre. hell, henderson's only work came on a few plays after akers had a big run and needed a breather
  23. it's premature to think this guy is going to get 60% of snaps again this week when it's only happened once. torn between him and dobbins (dobbins being the better talent but nearly indentical timeshare situations)
  24. im going to end up starting russ and lockett week 14. though i doubt they will hit their projections. russ did the same thing last year. started out hot and cooled off to end the season.
  25. Was really hoping he'd play this week so I could feel better about starting him next week Edit... Nm, great news
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