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  1. Greg Lloyd was nuts under Cowher. Bam Morris tried selling all of the drugs. Harrison beat his wife.
  2. I was complaining to you about stuff you didn’t really say. I just do know being in the market that Juju and Chase (while for sure immature, and Juju was way overrated by the Yinzers because they were mad at AB) seem like pretty ok dudes otherwise
  3. Sorry man; I jumped into the convo late. I just know in the Pittsburgh area Tomlin gets a ton of flack, and it isn’t all about football if you know what I mean. Honestly Steeler fans (some of my best friends and family) are annoying, and I get the schadenfreude aspect. I just wish more of it was directed where it belongs, which was basically letting a very talented (but very stupid) QB have too much control of a team.
  4. Ha ha listen to PFF but not there! QB is the only complex position the NFL!
  5. We can’t be sure yet, because if they don’t advance. By your metrics the 4 conference semi-finalists ate all better.
  6. Jared Goff’s trash game and Baker Mayfield: in the playoffs because their teams have good running games and olines and coaching and defenses or some combo of those. None of which the Texans had. And if winning playoff games is a barometer WATSON DID THAT LAST YEAR. Can’t say you aren’t an effective troll.
  7. I am pretty sure you are just trolling at this point, but I do want to point out the beauty of you citing PFF for Fuller while saying their third-highest rated QB this year isn’t that good.
  8. Cool dude, good talk. “A quarterback can’t play well if his team loses” is an interesting take.
  9. Without Jimmy G and Bosa and Kittle and Dee Ford and Richard Sherman and Deebo. Again, QB is not the only position on the team. Watson single-handedly kept them in games against Tennessee twice and the Colts at least once. He has gone into foxboro and torn it up against Belichick and Brady. Beat Russell Wilson in Seattle. His career is more than just this year (when he was good and his team sucked).
  10. I am sure you watch a lot of Texans to have such opinions about Watson, but did you ever notice how many long TDs Fuller gets from Watson scrambling or making a crazy cross-field throw on the money? And are PFF WR grades totally independent of QB play? How would that even work?
  11. And his original teams didn’t mind parting with him. I don’t imagine your argument is really “the Hopkins trade was fine, and Watson had comparable weapons once he was gone.” If so you are the first person I have ever seen make it. And on QB wins, I am a 49er fan, and I would never say Jimmy G was a better QB than Watson, Wilson, etc last year just because they won a bunch of games. Coaching, defense, special teams, roster management are all completely out of a QBs hands and have a huge effect on W-L record.
  12. And I don’t care what the texans traded for Cooks because a) Bill O’Brien is an idiot and b) Brandin Cooks is on his fourth team in four years and one concussion away from retirement.
  13. Will Fuller was a top 5 WR PLAYING WITH WATSON. That doesn’t help your argument ha ha ha
  14. Oh yeah how could I forget they signed Randall Cobb’s corpse. Hate to tell you Hopkins to Cook/Cobb is not a lateral move. Not sure what narrative I was twisting; I think the majority view isn’t “Deshaun Watson is a bad real life QB.”
  15. Also if he is just padding his stats chucking the ball around he wouldn’t have had an almost 5:1 TD to INT ratio. Ben threw a pick for every TD last week. Throwing to Keke Coutee and Chad Hansen and Brandin Cooks and some random TEs
  16. He came from behind to beat this year’s darling Josh Allen in the playoffs last year. It isn’t his fault his coach sucked, his defense was awful, and they traded away his best offensive weapon.
  17. Yeah I keep thinking back to last years GB-Niners game, when the Packers got smoked by a team that had no interested in throwing the ball. Obviously a lot has changed since then, but no Baktihari and a still-bad run has me feeling less confident then I did when I first thought the Packers would roll
  18. Jesus dude I said I am not a Steeler fan. I think pearl-clutching about 22 year old dudes making TikTok videos is silly. You acting twice like I have a personal stake in the Steelers or any of these players is kind of weird though. Just because I disagree with your point doesn’t make me a sheep or whatever.
  19. If you are from around Pittsburgh the amount of crap Tomlin gets for stuff out of his control is insane. That guy specifically referenced worries about the organization “turning out clowns.” There are clowns on every team in the league.
  20. I think, sadly, AB had an actual mental health issue going on. Either Tomlin was really really good at keeping him under control the first few years (and then not good at it at all) or he just went off the deep end pretty much all at once
  21. I am not even a Steeler fan, but some of this is so overblown. Joe Namath freaking guaranteed to beat a team and gets lionized for it; juju is by all accounts a great dude and does tons of charity work around the area. Leveon Bell held out for a contract; Steelers and Jets both said he was a good teammate and hard worker. Javon Belcher murdered his wife and blew his brains out in the team parking lot. Tyreek Hill and Frank Clark are woman-beating pieces of trash. The Chiefs signed the aforementioned Bell. Do we need to worry about their culture? The culture of the Pats for having a
  22. I think if he can go, and Williams cannot that is huge. No way GB trusts a Ervin/Dillon combo as much as they trust Jamaal Williams
  23. Anyone know why Fanduel has a blurb about Jones limited today with a toe? I cannot imagine Rotoworld and other sources wouldn’t have reported that by now
  24. I kind of hope that if anyone tries that triple threat idea they end up with a three way tie in the finals. Then everyone can pick the best random RB getting carries in week 17 or something. Ties are made to be broken, not “oh well these two get to keep going indefinitely.”
  25. Exactly. You could just as easily argue “no one won the second semi-final, so the guy who won his is automatically the champ.”
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