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  1. His contract is up; I will be shocked if he is back in Pittsburgh. Johnson is the better short route runner, and that is literally all Juju does anymore.
  2. Not saying I like that solution, but I feel like if anything is listed under playoff tiebreaker that is what you have to use.
  3. What platform do you use? In yahoo it is set to either head to head regular season result or higher seed wins. I feel like if one of those was listed in the settings, even if only because no one bothered to change it (like me as commish), then you have to go with that.
  4. Carson is literally my only skill position player who didn’t score a TD, and I am still going to lose unless Juju gets hurt without scoring 2 points tonight. Of course the week Carson gets fed a bunch of touches Hyde somehow has a 50 yard TD run. Frustrating year for sure.
  5. Matt Stafford is due a 22 million plus cap hit next year. I love Scary Terry, but that is some madden trade stuff unfortunately.
  6. Not to harsh your rant, but some info is missing if that team is getting smoked by a team with Gallman, Gurley and Corey Davis
  7. Being a non-Steeler fan living my life in Steeler country, they (the fans and Ben too I believe) became obsessed with the idea that they would prove that Antonio Brown wasn’t the key to the offense once he was gone. So they beat up on bad teams and can’t do anything against a good team, but my god Ben will get his pass attempts
  8. When you promote an inexperienced (relatively) QB coach who the QB loves then turn from a balanced team to one who throws ever play out of the same formations for two and half years...I think “Steelers coaching staff” rhymes with Big Ben unfortunately
  9. If the Ravens forfeit then neither they nor the Steelers players get game checks.
  10. I am not one to go into sports psychology and intangibles much at all...but how pumped up is a good NFL team going to be to blow out a team with D3 level college QB play (at best)? I could see Winston handoffs to Murray and maybe even Dewayne Washington all second half. He may not even play there anymore, but they bring him in for some carries. Deuce McAllister, Reggie Bush, Ricky Williams all get carries.
  11. Ha, I just made the same point in the other thread. Even three and outs by Denver won’t have incomplete passes in them.
  12. Anyone remember when the Panthers did this? Delhomme and Weinke were both hurt, so they just shotgun snapped to Deangelo Williams and Deshaun Foster every play. The original wildcat before the Dolphins. Anyway, I feel like this makes the Saints offense hard to use. The clock will basically be running the entire game other than turnovers and scores
  13. This clown show has me starting Fitzpatrick over Hill. This game could be 110 passing, 60 rushing, not sure how much ceiling there is (obviously he could always go off for 4 TDs in the first half, but the Saints don’t strike me as a quick-strike team outside against Denver).
  14. Lots of things can be true at once! -Jonathon Taylor looked like a great buy low heading into the bye -Jonathon Taylor has not been great or good production-wise since the bye. -No one is exactly sure what changed over the bye and since (ankle, the Baltimore fumble last week, Jordan Wilkins having a good game, Taylor not showing good vision, Hines being actually Marshall Faulk all along). -saying a guy could be good and it is odd he is not getting more opportunities with all factors considered is not weird or out of the ordinary (I am sure you all do it about multiple
  15. Ok cool, I wasn’t meaning to derail this into the D’Andre Swift thread. If double digits and RB3 flex numbers are what you want out of a high rookie pick than the original poster shouldn’t even be worried about Taylor, because he has done that pretty much every week but one. Again, the point was these dudes are not killing it as rookies like guys we have seen in the past. Again, not because i don’t think Dobbins and Swift and Taylor are untalented (I honestly haven’t seen enough other than garbage time to judge Akers) but because of usage, not having camp, whatever this year.
  16. I was at no point talking about keeping or cutting or benching Taylor. Just talking about the situation and why it is sometimes bad to throw out the baby with the bath water. You keep talking about how “inefficient” he has been, but he was doing well prior to the bye. A guy running 4-5 ypc and catching every pass and not fumbling is not someone just bumbling away an opportunity. I am not saying keep him in your lineup or don’t cut him at all, just that being confident in him leading up to the last few weeks was not a bad play even though it didn’t pan out (because of ankle injury, his one fumb
  17. My point was he might have some good games based on game script and usage, and he might have terrible games. Same with Wilkins and Hines. People need to figure out if that Nyheim Hines quick paced shotgun every play is some new consistent scheme for the Colts, or if it was a way to attack the awful Titans D. Recency bias is honestly one of the biggest issues in fantasy. Other than that, I am not really big on intangibles like if guys have cop out mentalities or whatever. We are just playing armchair sports psychologist about people we see on TV on Sundays and will never have a conv
  18. I have to assume you are talking about full PPR, in which case double digits is a weird bar to use. 40 yards rushing and 3 catches for 30 yards is 10 points and far from “great.” I think if used a high dynasty pick on a guy and he had one game over 100 scrimmage yards and some random TDs sprinkled in I would be pissed. Nothing to do with Swift himself; just usage and what he has actually been able to accomplish. He is actually someone I thought of when I traded for Taylor; rookie came out of a bye, had a huge game, they will start using him more right?!? 9 and 13 touches the next
  19. In fairness the only rookie RB who has been worth that pick was UDFA James Robinson; I am assuming he didn’t go high in your rookie draft. Would you rather have Cam Akers? JK Dobbins may start producing more if Ingram stays hurt. DeAndre Swift’s one good game in his own three-headed monster? CEH has been ok, but man nowhere near the top 8 pick he was touted as. Been a weird weird year for rookie RBs. Maybe they will all look better after a full camp next year, or we just may have to realize that guys are being drafted to be a part of committee no matter the draft capital in today’s NFL.
  20. On the first drive he catches a pass on the first play of the game, later a converts a 4th and one pretty much on his own, then gets stuffed on a 3rd and one where he is hit by Clowney basically while getting the handoff. Wilkins comes in and gets totally stuffed on 4th and 1. JT disappears for a long time. Later they have another drive going with Hines. Jt comes in toward the red zone and the pass that we all saw where he rocks Hooker. Next play it is (shocker) an actual bounce to the outside, and he knocks Butler backwards for four yards. Rhythm starting right? Nope, bring in Hin
  21. McKinnon is a great story to even be seeing the field. It was a shocker to us Niner fans that he was even resigned. I guess I am not sure why what McKinnon did three weeks ago is more valuable than the last two games where McKinnon touched the ball once behind a healthy Mostert and then was phased out at the end of a must win game against the Rams. People thought last year Shanny might stick with Coleman and Breida as vets, but Mostert showed up and got to play well over Breida and equal (or over other than Coleman’s huge wild card game) to Coleman by the end of the year. Not saying Hasty is g
  22. Yeah makes sense. I just think go with the whole “Belichick will take out your best weapon” narrative I am more worried about Kittle and maybe Deebo.
  23. Not sure how many of you guys listen to Sirius fantasy radio, but different experts on different shows have all agreed you will be lucky to see Ekeler before the end of the year. That injury is basically tearing your hamstring from the bone often with a chunk of the bone with it.
  24. This is all pretty spot on. Another thing I would caution people against is the whole “is he really going to play a UDFA over (anyone).” Shanahan has drafted one RB with any real capital, and that was Joe Williams. It blew up in his face. Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman (Atlanta) and Carlos Hyde he inherited. He made Alfred Morris, Matt Breida and now Mostert all look pretty good as UDFAs and played them over vets. As a Niner fan Shanny has his faults, but he is not a guy who refuses to give a young no name a chance if he thinks it will help the team.
  25. The Patriots are dead middle of the road in run DVOA and just made Phillip Lindsay (another UDFA) look ok last week.
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