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  1. Cam is struggling because he has 3rd and 4th string weapons he’s passing too, he doesn’t have the weapons like brady at his disposal. And everyone forgetting, brady had the number one defense last year that carried him. He had the worst statistical year last year so even he struggled with this roster. [...]
  2. Of course! Cam is playing with 3rd and 4 string receivers while brady is playing with Godwin, evans, Antonio brown, gronk, fournette, but please carry on with how bad cam has been playing. Give him a number one reciever, just one, not the plethora of weapons like brady currently has, and see how he does. [...]
  3. With ertz out, I feel this will be a Dallas goedert game, philly is going to funnel their passing game through goedert to see how he will be as the main TE. And then they’ll move on from ertz this off-season
  4. If anyone saw the chiefs game, it was evident the ravens needed more receiving weapons. Marquise brown has never been able to live up to his off-season hype. That’s why when the Antonio brown speculation began, people were throwing the ravens into the discussion as a possible landing spot. Now they made their choice of Dez Bryant so it’s obvious theyre going to utilize him. Even if dez get 5 catches for 70 yds a game, throw in a td here and there, it’s still 18 ppg in ppr. They’re not signing him for the fun of it. Pick him up while you can!
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