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  1. I run a 10 team, 22 man roster dynasty league that we expand to 25 for the draft. Owners can cut as many players as they want but it's not really a good idea since they'd wind up with a lot of rookies. Most usually draft 3-4 new players tops. I like it because it keeps people invested. Our buy in is $200 but half of that rolls into the following year so if you bail, you lose half your investment. The last place team at the onset due to terrible draft strategy is now in middle place and next year he'll almost certainly make the playoffs. The winner last year took second this year bu
  2. What are the thoughts on his future, ie. 2021? He started to look productive but the last few games totaled 96 yards and no TD's. I figured he'd he'd be a star this year until Hopkins came to town. He just popped up on the wire in our dynasty league; I guess others have lost confidence in him.
  3. Regarding Tannehill, he is a solid QB that, like Terry, provides consistency. He was limited by the Dolphins, which have a proven track record of under utilizing studs. I'm glad we have him and he'll be our franchise QB for years to come. As for McLaurin, I love this guy and am looking forward to years of solid production. Alex Smith is also a pro at limiting WR production since he dumps the ball way too quick. If WFT gets a gunslinger he's going to be an absolute stud.
  4. [...] He and Murray have always had good Chemistry. Not sure why it took weeks to begin to exploit his abilities.
  5. Ok, so it's not just me then. I didn't get into this game until around 6 years ago and only then did I really start learning about any players other than the home team. Reason I ask is I discovered that instead of going for the super stud RB and a mid range RB2 I would balance my team out with low RB1 or high RB2's. I had a RB intense draft and then traded to acquire WR's with decent floors, typically avoiding the stud WR's who were boom/bust (Jones, Green). The result was I always made the playoffs and had guys from mid range teams that still had to fight in weeks 14-16. In t
  6. Looking back at his college career, was it really expected that he'd put up RB1 numbers even without competition for touches? The hype was strong for a while but I honestly don't know why. I bought in and I have him on my dynasty league, not sure for how much longer
  7. Five years ago it seemed easy to pick out the top 5-10 WR/RB/TE safely. Brown, Bell, Johnson, Gurley, Bryant, Elliott, Evans, Green... They had consistent production with high floors. But it seems in the last 2-3 years that's changed. Must starts might have a floor below 5 and WR4, WR5 players seem to be utilized more by teams. Did some paradigm shift occur in coaching? Did defenses just get better?
  8. In watching various TE's throughout the league, I fail to understand how Gronk and Kelce are so good while others look just as good on paper but languish in mediocrity. For Kelce, it didn't really matter who was under center, he still roasted most defenses. I was sure Gesicki was going to be top 5, especially with Fitz. Very disapppointing.
  9. I've read about him working with Tua but do they seem to have a good rapport on the field? I haven't been able to watch any of the games. When I grabbed him a year ago I expected top 5 TE performance. I forgot that Miami generally ruins player's with real potential.
  10. I just got into the game 6 years ago but I'm very competitive and went from Googling "running back" to winning that season. The smarter I get the worse I do lol. As of yesterday I'm 2-7 in my dynasty league so my interest has waned. I can't even find a good prospect for a 2021 breakout.
  11. Ten has classically always fed tight ends, especially in the red zone. Not sure what's happened the last 3 weeks given we faced 2 weak defenses and a strong one with Pit. I think ROS Smith is a better bet than Thomas unless Adams gets hurt again
  12. So you're basically saying my team sucks lol. Until the big crapshow by Thielen, Evans, Henry and Higgins this week, I was 2nd in points. But I've been 1st in points against since week one. If I can get into the playoffs, I can probably take 2nd or 3rd (which pays the buy in). There are a handful of guys I'd like to trade (Evans, Gordon, Johnson, Williams, Montgomery and those two lineman who call themselves tight ends). But nobody else wants them either lol
  13. Thielen has started to look a lot like Evans. The pair is killing me. Although I still trust Thielen enough to start him.
  14. It's a dynasty league and I'm in 9th place. 10th place, my son, is already looking forward to next year's draft. He's not intentionally tanking but he is not trying to improve at this point. I face him one more time before playoffs start in week 15. I will also likely win week 9. The question is, at 2-6, do I still try to make top 4 in the next 6 weeks and screw my draft position or just enjoy 9th place and a the 2nd pick next year? It's possible since I'm only 2 wins behind but I don't know how likely. The team: QB: Herbert, Burrow, Tagovailoa, Wentz WR
  15. Probably the only one where time invested does not correlate to outcome. I'm 4th in points, 1st in points against, in 9th and after today will be 10th and dead last. So ridiculous
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