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  1. Winning 3 out of 5 in a 20 team redraft league sounds epic. That’s also the first time I’ve ever heard of a league with more than 16. You must have been pounding your opponents at kicker and defense all year.
  2. In the first round? I think there’s a little more risk than one shared with any other player.
  3. I think Kelce in the middle first is a reach next year. For one, his age is creeping up. He won’t be a truly worrisome age next year, but it’s not unrealistic that his speed or explosion decline to some degree. Two, he’s coming off a career/all-time season, and the odds of him repeating his 2020 performance are low, judging from history. It’s not impossible, but when you factor in my first point, it seems unlikely. Plus, it seems inevitable that just as circumstances propel the ADP for a TE into the 1st round, several later round tight ends will emerge with compara
  4. Not having a strategy isn’t a problem if you know who’s who in the NFL and have good instincts. I went into my draft with no real strategy, other than wanting to focus on RB early and often. I finished first with the most points scored and won the chip in my first year playing fantasy. After the draft, I thought a few times that I should have made a big board or done this or that, but I don’t think more strategy would have done anything but force me to overthink my picks. This year, anyways. Here was my draft, btw: 4. Kamara 17. Hopkins 24. Jones 37. Taylor 44. Ch
  5. Sorry you got no help. Hope you left in Henderson.
  6. You need Beasley to have a useless game, for one. But honestly, it’s hard to say with the Bills going up against the Pats. I have a hard time believing the Bills are gonna roast them, which is what you’ll probably need to happen.
  7. Winning 171.54 to 88.90 Aaron Rodgers DK Metcalf Brandin Cooks Alvin Kamara Aaron Jones Russell Gage Austin Hooper Ka’imi Fairbairn Baltimore I also had Keenan Allen and Michael Thomas on IR this week. I traded Hopkins and Chark for DK and Thomas after week 2. I thought I was gonna wreck everyone in the playoffs with my three WR1s, but I only got like 23 points from them in two rounds played. Still the champ. I survived Mahomes/Kelce/Monty in the semis despite starting Keenan Allen. Thank you Hunter Henry and Blankenship!
  8. It’s impossible to envision them throwing much playing with practice squad receivers who will be playing on very limited or no practice with the ones.
  9. Is anyone worried the Browns will run on 75% of their snaps and Baker will throw to Njoku when he does throw?
  10. Is it just me, or have TEs been more productive overall the last few weeks? I feel like I’ve been seeing more 15 and 20 point games in general.
  11. I can’t wait for Tampa to get knocked out of the playoffs. Going out of their way to showboat and humiliate a team with half their coaches out.
  12. My opponent is starting Ridley, AJB, and Davis and left Evans on the bench. Would have really helped them get back in it after what Kamara did to them last night. Hahaha!
  13. Kupp, Kittle, Thomas Kupp is playing in a huge game, Thomas is getting targeted like crazy, and Kittle has way too much upside to shy away from him.
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