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  1. What are you talking about? Kupp was dismal this year albeit that is more because of mcvay and goff but nevertheless
  2. I never liked him but had to start out of necessity
  3. You guys never learn, trying to make arguments that fit to your reality. Kupp is a lost cause this year mainly because of mcvay. I dont know why mcvay does that he basically shoots himself in the leg but, all season he insisted on being a run heavy team but morever used kupp for blocking. Kupp mentioned that himself before jets game. In jets game he blocked more than he ran routes. He was out when team was in the redzone, he was out in 2 te sets (reynolds and woods were in). You are hoping for a random td if you are starting him
  4. Well how he is going to pro bowl is beyond my understanding [...]
  5. Dreadful playcalling, samuel played the worst game of his life, 3 drops and a fumble yet they still went with him, on short passes and runs. Unreal
  6. This guy has no talent. Yes midget started to run again but he has 2 yards per carry. Edmonds is way better. He will never be in any of my teams again
  7. Hit or miss but i am starting him over drake (ppr). Mainly because i am sick of watching drake’s 2 ypc
  8. And who will pay to a 28 year old receiver who only had one good season in his career and sat out entire season due to a mystery injury. I would rather sign arob or fuller
  9. I started this guy every week he played and i was scared every single time
  10. Well i expect ind not to do what they did 2 weeks ago
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