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  1. Despite the favorable matchup, I don't know how much I trust Patrick coming back from an injury vs. Kirk with momentum. Help please:
  2. Though Ryan has the better match up, I don't trust him or the Falcons to not screw it up in some way. And Lamar can at least get you rushing yards/TDs. Help please:
  3. I would still go with Cooks, since there's a chance a healing Homer could steal more snaps from Dallas. Help please:
  4. .5 PPR I've got 2 FLEX spots open this week and I'm between: G. Edwards vs. IND W. Gallman vs. WAS M. Hall vs. MIN T. Burton vs. BAL Who should I pick? Is Hall not worth risking considering Stafford hasn't been cleared? WHIR!
  5. Is he worth a pickup? Looking for another TE, but worried about sharing the load between three backs.
  6. So it looks like Mullens is back in for the forseeable future. Is he worth a stream this week? I'm fearful of what happened after he got benched in Week 4.
  7. I say Goedert. Though it may take him a bit to shake the rust off, it's a delicious matchup that will give him plenty of opportunities to do so. Help plase:
  8. I'd say Shepard as WR and Lamb as Flex. I think Singletary is trending down with Moss coming back. Help please:
  9. Agree on Conner. Plus the weather probably means it's not that great of a day for passing anyway. Help please:
  10. .5 PPR Have one spot open on Flex this week. Should I use H. Bryant vs. LV, or Gallman vs. TB? Gallman's going to get a larger role with Freeman gone, but I'm not sure how well he'll do given the matchup. WHIR!
  11. Is your league PPR? If so, I think Jackson has the chance to score higher for you in future weeks. But Dobbins may be better in the short term while Ingram is out.
  12. I agree to hang onto Brown and try to get Gaskin for Higgins. RB2 > WR3
  13. Ruggs has the better match up, and I don't think Jones can continue his success against the Colts.
  14. Yahoo has him projected right now for 4.51 points tomorrow. Is that over or underestimating?
  15. From a momentum perspective, I say Green and Rodgers. Help please:
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