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  1. Despite the favorable matchup, I don't know how much I trust Patrick coming back from an injury vs. Kirk with momentum. Help please:
  2. Though Ryan has the better match up, I don't trust him or the Falcons to not screw it up in some way. And Lamar can at least get you rushing yards/TDs. Help please:
  3. I would still go with Cooks, since there's a chance a healing Homer could steal more snaps from Dallas. Help please:
  4. .5 PPR I've got 2 FLEX spots open this week and I'm between: G. Edwards vs. IND W. Gallman vs. WAS M. Hall vs. MIN T. Burton vs. BAL Who should I pick? Is Hall not worth risking considering Stafford hasn't been cleared? WHIR!
  5. Is he worth a pickup? Looking for another TE, but worried about sharing the load between three backs.
  6. So it looks like Mullens is back in for the forseeable future. Is he worth a stream this week? I'm fearful of what happened after he got benched in Week 4.
  7. I say Goedert. Though it may take him a bit to shake the rust off, it's a delicious matchup that will give him plenty of opportunities to do so. Help plase:
  8. I'd say Shepard as WR and Lamb as Flex. I think Singletary is trending down with Moss coming back. Help please:
  9. Agree on Conner. Plus the weather probably means it's not that great of a day for passing anyway. Help please:
  10. .5 PPR Have one spot open on Flex this week. Should I use H. Bryant vs. LV, or Gallman vs. TB? Gallman's going to get a larger role with Freeman gone, but I'm not sure how well he'll do given the matchup. WHIR!
  11. Is your league PPR? If so, I think Jackson has the chance to score higher for you in future weeks. But Dobbins may be better in the short term while Ingram is out.
  12. I agree to hang onto Brown and try to get Gaskin for Higgins. RB2 > WR3
  13. Ruggs has the better match up, and I don't think Jones can continue his success against the Colts.
  14. Yahoo has him projected right now for 4.51 points tomorrow. Is that over or underestimating?
  15. From a momentum perspective, I say Green and Rodgers. Help please:
  16. I'd go Fulgham, since I'm not sure how much Reagor will get coming off the IR and with an offense that's been proven in his absence. Help please!
  17. .5 PPR Looking for a fill-in RB while Edmonds is on bye. I'm between Edwards vs. PIT, Dallas vs. SF, and Gallman vs. TB. Not looking for a stash as much as someone who's most likely to get me points this week with all the injuries on their respective teams. WHIR!
  18. I think Higgins is the more volatile choice, so I'd go with Miller.
  19. Agreed, especially in PPR you want those RBs who can catch. Which IMO is why Edmonds is a good get.
  20. .5 PPR Looking for a WR to put in my last FLEX spot for the week. Ward has the better track record this season but Mims looks appealing as the only real Jets WR in contention this week. Thoughts? WHIR
  21. Does he have any utility outside of Week 8? I'm wondering if he's worth a stash or more of a "pump and dump" player.
  22. Need an RB to fill a Half-PPR slot this week in lieu of Edmonds' bye. I know Edwards, Dallas, and Gallman are all going to get an uptick in play from injuries. And I'm not even looking for someone to stash as much as an RB to get me through the week solidly. Who's the choice?
  23. Thanks! Totally looks like it's a three-eyed Raven here when it comes to running.
  24. Is he worth hanging onto? I keep looking at who's waiting in the wings for the Eagles, and then he goes and gets a TD last week. "Just when I think I'm out..."
  25. What's the chances he even plays significantly this week, given the Everett of it all and his injury from last week?
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