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  1. I'm sitting Brady. I'm terrified of the eagles offense but here we go. Good luck all.
  2. I'm glad I didn't listen to most of the people on here when I posted this and they said there was no reason to be excited. I went ahead and traded Justin Jefferson for David Montgomery anyway. I wouldn't be in the championship without him.
  3. I'm gonna bench lockett for sanders lol. I'm sold
  4. Yeah, without the 82 yard run, nobody's considering him. I have the choice between him and lockett this week and I think I have to take lockett because I can actually be excited about the Seahawks offense.
  5. 09. Titans (avg) 10. Vikings (avg) 11. Bye 12. Packers (worst run d?) 13. Lions (bottom ten) 14. Texans (2nd worst?) 15. Vikings (avg) 16. Jaguars (bottom ten) There's some reason to be excited about the late season schedule, no?
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