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  1. I would go with Corey. Too many weapons in TB
  2. Davis. Too many options in PIT and Juju seems to be get only short targets.
  3. I would go with TY for the upside, but Keke has a decent matchup from the slot. TY>Keke>Parker
  4. Yes, Davis and Coutee. Parker is not as reliable with Tua
  5. I'd go with Tannehill. Watson does not have the ceiling in this matchup. Even if Henry goes crazy, Tannehill will get his and he has a higher ceiling. Also, i would start Mike Davis but dont trust the bengals offense.
  6. Josh Jacobs, although you have to wonder if he will be limited by the injury.
  7. Duke by a tiny bit. GIo has the better matchup, but cant trust that bengals offense.
  8. Curtis Samuel. More targets with Moore out and he is also used as a RB
  9. Carolinas Run Defense has gotten better over the past few weeks. I think he is good for 8-10 points. RBs don't seem to be used for dumpoffs in DEN. I am going back and forth between him and Mclaurin in Half PPR
  10. Jefferson. TB run defense is elite and MIN will be throwing all day
  11. I would go with Davis. Conner has more upside if he gets the touches, but Pitt is going pass heavy.
  12. Wilson, but check the weather again- supposed to rain.
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