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  1. Auction IDP PPR league. James Robinson picked up off of waivers before Week 1, on my IR spot for this week but he helped carry the team all year. I went up against Kamara in the Championship and will most likely come out with the W thanks to Davante having one of his days.
  2. Some select quotes to re-check from he-who-shall-not-be-named: Current PPR points comparison from my league for Conner and Robinson: James RB1SZN: 237.10, RB #4 James Gonner: 137.30, RB #24 Trade the RB#4 up! He's too risky! You only want a top 3 stud, what a scrub to be #4 overall RB in PPR! I mean... I hope no one took his advice or they'd be sitting out of the playoffs too.
  3. Love what Jason said on the Fantasy Footballers podcast from yesterday: Over the last 2 weeks, Dalvin Cook is on pace for (in a 16 game season): 2,952 rushing yards 40 rushing TDs 872 receiving yards 8 receiving TDs Yes please.
  4. I won it all last year on the back of Lamar in my auction keeper IDP league. I thought he would be the not-so-secret weapon of my team this year, but instead my team has been anchored by the incredible duo of my other two keepers, one Davante Mr. Biggest Chest Adams and his division rival Dalvin Keep Cook'in. Started off a bit slow when they both missed some games, but the stud performances for both of them since then has me at 6-3, in 2nd place, and the highest points in the league by at least 100 points. Picking up James RB1nszn off of waivers before Week 1 also doesn't hurt. If
  5. They only rushed 6 times total after the half, but yeah, he wasn't on the field much afterwards. I don't put much stock into his benching because of a fumble. It was bad, but game script didn't favor him either. I think they'll show their trust in the rookie going forward because the last thing you want is to put doubt in his mind after he's worked hard this year. If the coaching staff got a clue they'd ride him until the wheels fell off, but they'd rather try to run with Hines and Wilkins for some inexplicable reason. I have him in a keeper league and I'm holding on unless I get
  6. [...] Flames RB1nszn has been a revelation all year. I would only sell for a Kamara/McCaffrey type, and it's not like the managers of said players would give them up, even for the best Waiver Wire add of the year. Even without catching passes he showed he's a stud. And we all know he still can catch the ball. Ride the wave. I'll see y'all in championship week.
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