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  1. $20 entry, 12 teams, H2H points, minor league rosters, salary cap, start up draft for players A6 and under, contract bidding for remaining players. Let me know if you’re interested. Looking for an active owner, we have a good group of guys so far.
  2. Just looking for a couple more and we will be ready to draft. Should be a fun league. Lmk if interested!!
  3. I have 13 invitations out, looking to have 12-16 teams. Lmk if there’s any interest!!
  4. We're about half full. Let me know if you have any interest...
  5. Starting a new Dynasty league with contracts, minor leaguers, H2H and rookie drafts. I've been in leagues like this for years and they've kind of lost momentum recently. Looking to restart one. Email me if @ naterun32@gmail.com if interested...hope to keep active in the offseason with draft, contract bidding, etc.
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