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  1. James Conner, @Heinz (home), positive gamescript, implied ~29-30 points scored for Pit: 13 rushes, 36 total, 2.8 average, 16 long // 2 receptions, 12 yards James Robinson, @Lambeau (away), negative gamescript, implied ~9 points scored for Jax: 23 rushes, 109 total, 4.7 average, 20 long // 2 receptions, 5 yards
  2. Not really related to his performance, but made an account just to note how professional he is despite having every reason to be cocky or full of himself. From undrafted rookie to workhorse with the performance to more-than-justify it. The feeling of "all of you were wrong about me" has to be so big considering the circumstances and his young age. He's probably in the minority of people who wouldn't be fazed by this new-found success. When I watch him score, his teammates are more hyped than he is; at most he puts his arms up as he walks towards his teammates before handing the ball to the
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