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  1. May still need manager for this team. Will know tomorrow. New owner still has 2 players on roster not in league. And an empty spot in line-up. And Markannen still on IL.....In other words - Hasn't done a damn thing. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Until 4pm EST tomorrow.
  2. Dynasty League. Not going to help you much in a 12 Team re-draft league. Weekly leagues not Daily. Can't stash players like this in Daily. Daily everyone needs to produce NOW. Wiseman is average this year in re-drafts. You would be better off with Holmes. Or even Ibaka.....Maybe not Ibaka.
  3. You try and keep up with all this crap and determine who should get IL and who doesn't get IL....Changes every day. Some guys 7 day protocol. Some 10 day quarantine. Some 14 day quarantine. Some test negative but sit next to positive and are GTD. Some sit for precautionary measures. Kylie disappears for days. Some games postponed and half the team quarantined. Some GTD and some IL. Why? Who cares because the game was cancelled. Now. You try and determine who gets IL tag.....Just deal with it. Season will probably get suspended in a few weeks anyway.
  4. This is a 20 Team league. All active teams...Except this one. Currently 5th place. Will probably lose this week (2-7 or 3-6?). Has DeMarre Carroll and Ro Ho Jefferson still on roster and no SF in line-up. Turn in a line-up once a week or leave. This guy has had too many chances. No Tanking. And also a Draft Lottery to determine Top 4 picks in draft....Free league. You don't have to play for money to have an active league. Just get rid of the dead owners...Not dead but you know what I mean....
  5. 6th year. H2H Weekly Line-up. 7 category (no fg% ft%). Yahoo. Conley Drummond Forbes McGee Markkanen KThompson GRobinson KLeonard DeRozan Plumlee Wiseman DJones Jr.
  6. I'll take Utah Jazz......Put me in and I'll pay you what the team is worth.....Its a 30 Team Dynasty. Hard to improve from year to year with 30 teams. Don't want to pay money on a bad team. That would be throwing money away. Who would do that? Maybe have a pay rate based on team rank. 55 - 40 - 25 or something like that. Or 55 - 45 - 35 - 25 - 15 - Free if the team really sucks. Seems to be 3-4 really bad teams in a league that big.....I ain't paying 55 for a really bad team......If Utah is the best team in the league - I'll give you 75. I'll make money. dino10k@yahoo.com
  7. I'm in this league. It's a good league. It's free. Join and turn in a line-up once a week. Not hard to do. From what I hear - group me chat is a good way to keep informed of the league goings on. I'm not into that. I'm anti-social.....I would just argue and get kicked out.......So join this league and have fun...... Damn it.
  8. Don't forget Achiuwa. If this kid keeps improving he'll take some on Olynyk's minutes. Right now Achiuwa is getting backup minutes at Center. I think he needs about 20 minutes per game. Then Olynyk is back to his usual 18-20 a game. Who knows with Coach Spo........ Achiuwa needs at least 20 minutes a game because he's Precious.
  9. I picked up Gafford in a 20 team Dynasty just to stream and decided I was going to keep him. Until I seen Tyrese Maxey available. But I like Gafford potential. Blocks are good like 2 a game if he splits time with Carter Jr. But a terrible rebounder......And no offensive game......But for some reason I think he is going to start for someone in the near future......Kinda on the fence with this guy. Still only 21......
  10. Same here. But I prefer a free league. Dynasty 24-30 team league. dino10k@yahoo.com
  11. Harden could see the decline of the Rockets and wants out. He can't do it by himself. Plus he just turned 30. That's not old but he did wear down a little last year. I just think he wants to win and would be happy playing 2nd fiddle to Lillard or wherever he goes. Have you looked at the Houston roster ? Nobody could win with those bums. Even if Wall plays like 3 years ago which I doubt......They gave away their 3d best player in Covington. There is no plan in Houston from what I can see.......Go ahead and look at that roster and make a case for a .500 season. Ain't no way. Fanta
  12. He needs to stay away from the Strip Club Buffet....... I can go on and on about Harden I don't think he will be Top 10 this year. Traded or not. Who knows. Either way Houston is terrible. Like 21-51 terrible with or without Harden. Look at the roster. Last year they gave away Capella. This year they gave away Covington. Westbrook for Wall who hasn't played in 2 years. Eric Gordon is old - Cousins who knows - Caboclo - McLemore - ..........No wonder Harden wants out......The only bright spot is Christian Wood. And he hasn't put together a complete season yet. Harden is not in a good
  13. Anunoby is Ben Wallace with a 3 point shot. He will be Top 20 by end of season.............Another Championship for Toronto.
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