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  1. beginning of by laws can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WNBcAMevP2cLaBnFMX--_m-wxb4q9s_tqEQElBQb3LU/edit
  2. Hey everyone, starting up at 10-14 team depending on the interest that can be generated before the beginning of the season. By-Laws for future season as it pertains to cap increase, 'hard-caps', tax penalty for exceeding caps contract extensions, cap changes, and rookie contracts are still in-flux. League opinion and votes can be used to determine these specifics. I was waiting to find a league like this posted and couldn't find one in my price range. League will be hosted on Yahoo, auction draft will be as early as tomorrow night; league will have a dedicated group m
  3. is this keeper? does the auction value go to players contracts or?
  4. good moring, if there is still room, i would like to join. scoring system does not matter. gpadula8@gmail.com
  5. Looking for a dynasty 9-cat start-up league. open to any site or draft type. looking for buy-in $25-50 range. email is gpadula8@gmail.com shoot me an email with your league and its details. looking strictly for a start-up, not an orphan team.
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