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  1. Your probably right! I’m in a very deep league with 24 teams so players available on the wire are scarce. Just throwing him out there!
  2. 24 team keeper league regular H2H points, we keep 15 every year including prospects. I’m looking for some advice on my team moving forward. Here are my keepers, should I stay with who I have or start making some deals? Trout, Freeman, McNeil, Laureano, Jorge Polanco, Noelvi Marte, Groshans, Bieber, Musgrove, Boyd, Urquidy, Brailyn Marquez, Edward Cabrera, Elieser Hernandez, Yarbrough, Karinchak Those are my best players on my roster, 16 total!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Why won’t the Saints give Hill the start? He can throw the ball too right? Yes they use him for gadget plays and runs but I feel they should give home a shot at starting. He should know the offense by now, I would love to see him start and ball out personally. Maybe Saints fans can chime in, I don’t watch their games jut the highlights.
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