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  1. Then they tease us with this https://twitter.com/aj_mccord/status/1364058242725203972?s=21
  2. Looked fluid but rusty in some instances (expected). You can see how he can take the sting out of losing Jarrett Allen What’re we thinking, wait-and-see approach? Or run to WW now?
  3. Man this guy's assist numbers are popping along with avg north of 23ppg since he came back from injury. AND the stocks! oh man the stocks have been phenomenal. Hes been a top 25 guy these past 2 weeks on a per game basis. Basically since he came back from the injury. Result of OG and Kyle being out? Or do you guys think this can be semi-sustainable ROS?
  4. Looks like he’s out tonight. But he’s with the team on the road trip. Hoping for Monday 🤞🏼
  5. I can count on 2 hands how many times JC points up asking for a lob and the guards don’t even consider it. Or when he has a mismatch in the post trying to get position, the guard give him barely a millisecond before moving on in their reads. Can tunnel vision be coached into a player or does ATL actively seek it out in prospects? It’s ridiculous
  6. I think Jakob Poetl is the obv winner if they stop playing Aldridge. Keldon Johnson might hit another level, as if he needs another level to his awesomeness
  7. These last 2 games with him cemented in the closing lineups proved that Billy D trusts him along with the other vets. And he’s rewarded Billy D with some nice games along with good leadership on the floor. My question is will Lauri be a part of that closing lineup when he’s back? If so, at who’s expense? Because I think, if Otto is a part of that closing lineup, he’s playing those 28 minutes even from the bench
  8. I think he potentially could be the biggest winner of the Hayes injury just for the mere fact he’ll have a bunch more minutes coming his way. And as we’ve seen with him so far, minutes = production. What do you guys think?
  9. 6.5 PFS dont seem ideal lol Nobody is holding him back but himself
  10. I think he'll be reliable for at least the same output as last season. But I do have 3 additional thoughts on him: 1. On a team that is desperate and devoid of shooting talent, he is their best shooter, by a long shot. Hes such a vet and knows how to stay on the floor regardless of his deficiencies. And as long as he gets enough minutes, hes producing. 2. Hes reunited with SVG, his coach in Orlando. SVG loves running and gunning with a dominant big man surrounded by snipers. SVG knows exactly how to optimize Redick. 3. He is a god when it comes to playing a 2 man game with his
  11. I do. A lot. Once the Cavs realize that Garland isnt very good, KPJ will be there to pick up the slack
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