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  1. 3 hours ago, DonutGiveUp said:

    Sixers fan has convinced me I have cuffed them so whoever is worse on any night i dont have to argue lol 

    Agreed. Im willing to eat crow if and when Moses just disappears. Theyve both basically been in an even timeshare these past 3 games

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Sixersfan740 said:

    I don't disagree with your post, except for what you may view as an "ample opportunity."  Certainly, the Rivers move helped Moses, but I don't think it indicated any major investment in Moses.  An investment, sure, but a relatively minor one.

    If Moses gets 15 mins plus a night that's a pretty nice opportunity.  I'm not saying he won't continue to get the most minutes at the five, but I don't see any reason to be majorly confident in that especially with Bradley now on the roster.

    A major investment would be he would be the C of the future. No way is that the case. Especially if they luck into Evan Mobley or something. But they at least wanted to give him a shot a starting role this season 

    i don’t see any reason why they won’t keep him in the role he has now but like you said before “We’ll see what happens”

  3. 5 minutes ago, Sixersfan740 said:

    What's the significance of "eating" Rivers money?  What was the alternative?  Seems like if he's on the street or the end of their bench they'd still be spending that money.

    Significant for Moses Brown. He was a 2way guy prior to getting a new deal. Wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t open up a roster spot for him. So the FO at least wanted to give him the opportunity like they did with Lu Dort last year. It worked out with Lu. Will it work out the same way for Moses where they immediately guarantee the next years of his deal? Ehh my moneys on no. But I’m not a seer. Anything can happen 


    but at least we can take those series of events and conclude that Moses will have ample opportunity till the end of season

  4. 2 hours ago, Sixersfan740 said:

    A career backup, lol.  If Moses was subbed out due to game circumstances, why then didn't Daignault sub out Poku and Maladon then similarly?

    Clearly you didn't watch the game, I did.  Tony Bradley sets excellent picks, plays much better defense, is much more aware offensively, better passer, and rebounding and stocks are debatable.

    I've read on here that Moses Brown is "super athletic."  I honestly don't know what these people are watching.  

    Check out his super athleticism on display at 3:10 below,,,


    Theo was subbed out literally a minute after Moses. Moses had a bad game. No one can deny that but the fact of the matter is Moses just played 5 straight games where his minutes in the 30s. Thunder had to eat $2.3M in Austin Rivers' salary to open up a roster spot for Moses and give him a new deal. Thunder FO seem pretty invested in him. One bad game against one of the best teams in the NBA, and suddenly Tony Bradley is taking his job? Big doubt. 


    And yes, Tony Bradley is a career backup. Unless I slept through the season where he was the starter for a team


  5. 24 minutes ago, Sixersfan740 said:

    Very impressive that Brown, coming off his mega deal, got slightly less minutes than a "journeyman" who came over just a few days back.

    I dont think them playing the same amount of minutes in a 40 point blowout is supporting the argument that you're trying to make. Moses was subbed out with 7 min to go in the 4th and never came back in. Phx had already had their end-of-benchers in at that point. Funny enough, Bradley then was a -5 during that stretch to end the game. Neither of them was good last night against one of the best teams in the NBA. But to say Bradley outplayed Moses last night is laughable. 


    And yes, if youre a career backup and have played for 3 teams in 4 seasons, you are a "Journeyman"

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  6. 14 minutes ago, DonutGiveUp said:

    Poetl right now has a much clearer path to minutes although i cant see OKC benching Moses again. Hoping they run SGA-Dort-Bazley-Horford-Brown until Horford is gone

    Agreed on all counts. Poeltl has clearer path minutes but Brown's per-minute-production is hard to overlook. Luckily (weird thing to say) injuries are buying me time to evaluate and kick the can down the road

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  7. He said himself, postgame, that he felt flat, had no rhythm, and his legs were heavy. And you could see it from the 2nd quarter on. His shots were all short and he didnt have much lift to his shot. Thats to be expected being that he hasnt ran in 6 weeks and hasnt played 5v5 since Jan 16th. But thankfully, he also said the foot felt great and he didnt feel any discomfort

    Patience is required but with the Blazers having a realistic shot at a top 4 seed, no reason to think he cant replicate, or come close to, his production prior to his injury. 

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  8. Prob the most surprising thing so far about KPJ are his stocks.  His playmaking and scoring has really translated well into the NBA from GLeague but I did not know he had Lord RoCo's prowess in him too. In 4 games since ASB, hes had 6stls and 5blk while shouldering that offense 

  9. 5 minutes ago, CFN said:

    Moving Sato to the starting lineup will help overall ball movement and playmaking a ton. Should help LaVine a little bit in that regard. Coby is a chucker and didn’t fit well with LaVine IMO.

    Agreed. The Coby PG experiment did not go well overall. This should only help Zach and the team with Coby off the bench

  10. 23 minutes ago, ghstuddachamps said:

    Man I always feel like trading this guy after a bad game, but then I remember his percentages are money especially for Roto and I can’t pull the trigger.

    He can easily be a top 20 player with just a little more usage, idk if it’s gonna happen in Atlanta though.

    Especially with Nate McMillan at the helm. JC can’t even break 30min. 

    ATL needs to do us all JC owners a favor and trade him for us. Preferably to a team with a good playmaker and More opportunities

  11. Man this guy's assist numbers are popping along with avg north of 23ppg since he came back from injury. AND the stocks! oh man the stocks have been phenomenal. Hes been a top 25 guy these past 2 weeks on a per game basis. Basically since he came back from the injury. Result of OG and Kyle being out? Or do you guys think this can be semi-sustainable ROS?

  12. I can count on 2 hands how many times JC points up asking for a lob and the guards don’t even consider it. Or when he has a mismatch in the post trying to get position, the guard give him barely a millisecond before moving on in their reads. Can tunnel vision be coached into a player or does ATL actively seek it out in prospects? It’s ridiculous 

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