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  1. My league hasn't drafted yet, but I noticed managers are able to just add whoever they want, including the best players, as free agents. Will this reset at the time of the live snake draft? Is it a bug? Or is there a setting somehwere I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome, guys! We still have 6 spots out of 20 open. Like I said, been going since 2012, but first season moving to ESPN. 20 teams, head-to-head (each category), 8-team playoff format. All for fun, no money involved. Laid back, but mature. League Of Shadows
  3. Opened up a few of the reserved spots, so we have more available now. This will be a 20 team league. Cheers!
  4. We just love basketball, mature but laid back. Going since 2012, but first year on ESPN. No money, just for fun. League Of Shadows
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