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  1. I totally agree on the load management part!
  2. Hey guys, would really appreciate some Feedback on the Mock Draft I did today. FYI I play in a Points League, so I dont really have to care about punting anything. MyTeam 1. Trae Young (Atl - PG) 2. Devin Booker (Pho - PG,SG) 3. Ben Simmons (Phi - PG) 4. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC - SG,SF) 5. Christian Wood (Hou - PF,C) 6. Hassan Whiteside (Sac - PF,C) 7. Coby White (Chi - PG) 8. Robert Covington (Por - PF,C) 9. Thomas Bryant (Was - C) 10. Markelle Fultz (Orl - PG,SG) 11. Collin Sexton (Cle - PG,SG) 12. PJ Washington (Cha -
  3. Thats probably why he stayed with cleveland. It really seemed like nobody else wanted him under these conditions.
  4. I mean with Doc Rivers as a Coach now he might actually make the next step. I think this could really have a positive effect on him.
  5. Hes just going way too early for me. I love to see him play in real life, but Im gonna stay away with his ADP.
  6. actually thats not a bad idea. But I think you would have to offer 2 Players then, so people dont think its suspicious. So kinda hide what youre doing
  7. Its gonna be a Mess. There is now way this is gonna work out
  8. I have the 9th Pick aswell and I had several Mock drafts where I ended up with steph. Don't ask my why.
  9. I wil try to pick him up in 5th or 6th round, I hope that in my League people will underestimate him.
  10. Yeah I feel the same, I really dont know where to put him. I have done alot of Mock Drafts and his draft range is wide. I had him last year and he was a Beast until the Trade, Luckily I picked up Wood early enough so that I could compensate that.
  11. I think I will stay away from Mitchell Robinson, in my opinion he is going a bit too early in the Draft with alot of uncertainty. I picked him up last year and was disappointed!
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