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  1. Still need one more. If you are very active and think you are good at this stuff come here for a very tough challenge.
  2. Only 1 spot left. If you Enjoy tough competition this is the league for you.
  3. looking to join hardcore champs basketball 🏀 league? $100 buy in through leaguesafe.com. The league is in its 12th year. Very competitive group. Every owner is a champ I’ve found in other leagues over the years. Took me a long time to put it all together but it’s really the best league I’ve ever been involved with by far. If you want in I’ll take a look at your profile/knowledge. Not for anyone that isn't VERY good at this and very active. I've had guys come in this league and end up in last multiple times and had to replace them. that's how hardcore it is. Let me know if you think you have wh
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