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  1. Not sure if this is an AC question, but someone dropped him probably for the Raps upcoming 2 game week. Do I use my 3rd waiver claim on him? How are we feeling about Lowry at least playing in those 2 games and putting up decent numbers with his usual minutes? He could possibly be better than what I’d get from streaming. Could be complete opposite and screw me over too lol.
  2. Grabbed Markkanen for the upcoming BTB using my streaming spot to monitor how he does with Zach Lavine out of the picture. That’s a huge chunk of usage and scoring just completely gone. Who’s the biggest beneficiary here?
  3. Agreed. He'll probably stress us out again with another injured tag on him before his next game. This dudes gotta ball out tonight to change my mind.
  4. I said it on here before that we should’ve flipped him for top 20-40 value. Way too many fake injuries and red flags but we all just fell in love with this kids lines. Can’t blame us. As long as you have an IR spot, stash away. If not and your playoffs are starting he should’ve been a drop before your playoffs started. Josh Lloyd said it himself, Dwayne Bacon stats are better than ZERO stats.
  5. How does one draft the perfect team? A team with no punts. Does this mean you’re just mediocre in all stats? And is being mediocre good enough to win it all? Im looking at the players at the bottom of our league and those players have pretty low TOs all season long. I think if you’re winning TOs it’s a sign you need to change things up. (Standard 9 CAT) I don’t play in points leagues so not sure how that works. Back on subject... KPJ did awesome WITH Wall in the lineup so that has to be a huge sigh of relief. Hope he can keep this up. His previous performance gave me a pretty good head st
  6. If you’re in a shallow a** league then KPJ should not be rostered. There are enough solid ROS guards to go around. If you’re in a competitive 12-16 league then I think it’s no question. I’m in a 12 team 9 cat league and I’ll tell you now, WW is dry af. Ain’t no one worth the pick up for KPJ.
  7. I told you it’s gonna be a revenge game. Thunder gave TB extra minutes to prove something. If this continues next game then Moses is a sure drop. You either hold Moses or grab Bradley now before it’s too late. I’m holding... for now.
  8. Bazley returning. Interesting to see what happens here 👀
  9. Stewart is an interesting pick up. Detroit is resting Plumlee. I think he’s trending toward must own territory especially for playoffs.
  10. Are we all agreeing Nurk is a drop after reports of him sitting BTB? Is there any confirmation he’ll be sitting on BTB for ROS?
  11. Yoo hold onto this dude for dear life. Just watched him and he can ball. IQ is pretty high for a rookie. He doesn’t look aggressive enough but the talent, vision, IQ, and foot work are there. He can do it all.
  12. Just checked. Including tomorrow, Blazers have 6 back to backs.
  13. Nurk will rest on Back to backs sets. Not too sure how many back to backs Portland has during playoffs might have to plan ahead. McDaniels is a drop candidate as well.
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