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  1. Awesome I sent you an email with the details. if you do not receive it, please check your junkmail.
  2. thank you, email sent! Please check your junkmail if you cannot find it.
  3. Still looking for more! I should also mention there is a weekly games played limit of 34.
  4. Hi Everyone. I am running a 12 Team $25 H2H Points Basketball league and am looking for members. Currently I have 3 members and am looking for 9 more. The League draft will be held December 13th at 1pm EST if it the league is filled by then, if not I will push out the draft date to the following Sunday December 20th at 1pm EST. Prizes are: 1st Place - $200, 2nd Place - $75 , 3rd Place - $25 Dm me or reply in this thread and I will send you the league safe and ESPN link. Majority approval for prizes. Settings are standard except for the following. - The League will
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