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  1. looking to join a league 12 teams or less with buy in
  2. Email me if you have a spot on a keeper league. I can pay instantly anthonyconnections@gmail.com
  3. So your explanation that you got someone to use paypal proves that you're not a scammer? I'm not going to go along with this notion that I'm the one in the wrong. I was very polite in stating I wasn't comfortable using paypal. I got a "nah...Ill just find someone else" in response. As if what I said was completely outlandish. Lostwaz, that's cool that you would vouch for him but the paypal still doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure how leaguesafe works. He could've deleted the other guy in once click and added the replacement in one more click. So all that nonsense about....paying hims
  4. The dude says he will use my money to refund the other guy, then when I say he can just ad another spot on league safe and refund the guy, he changes his story to "he already refunded the guy" Then tells me...if I win money... he'll pay himself through leaguesafe, then pay me via paypal. Really? all that instead of just adding a spot on leaguesafe? yeah.... so all 11 other guys got to pay through leagues safe...but that 12th guy... better not complain about paying paypal. lol We were born at night, not last night.
  5. by all means, keep replying to this. insure it stays at the top.
  6. Just because you dont believe $30 isn't a scammable amount, doesn't mean anyone looking for a league should trust a complete stranger. the fact that you advertise leaguesafe then get an attitude when someone doesn't want to use paypal is beyond laughable.
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