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  1. Small Ball trying to match the nets lineup
  2. Agree, if you have Collins you want him to be playing C wherever he goes, thats where he puts up his best numbers. Rebounds and blocks are obviously way down this year playing with Capela, I imagine it would be the same with Gobert
  3. I agree, Of the guys that are considered “punt ft” he definitely seems like the easiest to recover FT from compared to guys like Gobert. And I agree on your point with Covid, it seems like punting in general is extremely risky this year, especially if it’s with multiple cats.
  4. It wasn’t really meant to be some groundbreaking analysis, merely that he’s really good, and only sell if you’re getting an awesome deal. Maybe that’s the best way to word it. as far as Collins, it’s definitely been rough. I don’t have any shares but it seems like the best case scenario for him might be a trade
  5. I think you can survive it for sure if you have other guys that can make up for it, but he’s obviously more valuable if you punt the category
  6. Well said. On a punt ft team Capela is likely a top 10 asset
  7. Dude why don’t you actually give some decent advice instead of saying my advice is bad? Youre so offended for no reason I’m really not sure why
  8. I don’t follow him, I’m just saying in general. If you can land a top 20 player, you obviously do it. Capela is still a beast though. Somehow me saying sell if you can land a Star is insulting to people in here
  9. I’ve been playing fantasy for years. What did I say was untrue? I’ve also owned Capela and the guy has had injury issues even dating back to last season. I said sell high if you can land a top 20 player, not as in you should sell while you can. Big difference. A top 20 player could be a PG13 beal etc, and you’re telling me Capela is as good as those guys? Get real lol. I get that you probably own the guy and might be sensitive about someone saying anything remotely negative about the guy haha
  10. He was dominant Last week, but did feast on some horrible teams without starting caliber Cs. Wolves without KAT twice, blazers without Nurk, and the pistons. They were also missing players in many of those games. Sell high if you can land a top 20 player for sure, but he’s still gonna be really good.
  11. Just gonna leave this here. So many people were panicking over this injury when they shouldn’t have been. I hope fellow KAT owners didn’t sell him cheap. The nature of this injury was different from a typical dislocation in that it didn’t require surgery or the reduction procedure, which some people didn’t seem to realize. KAT May still be dealing with lingering soreness for a while though so don’t panic if he’s shooting poorly for a while.
  12. Second this. In years past I made the mistake of dropping covington when he was literally putting up free agent numbers tanking my fg% every week for the first month of the season. I ended up dropping, and he immediately proceeded to put up top 20 value after that. You have to be patient with this guy. He’s known for hot and cold streaks.
  13. That’s true, but couldn’t they have just as easily chose to sit him out last night?
  14. I said “if”. To be clear, I don’t think he plays all back to backs, but I’m saying if this became the norm it obviously makes him a top 5 player. Hell even playing the occasional back to back is huge for his value.
  15. I mean I’m not the one reporting it.
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