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  1. I think with Nurk coming back will take all of Kanters minutes. i do expect - RoCo to shoot less, since he will shoot less will have less of a chance to catch a rhythm.
  2. You guys think he will return faster now that Bron is out?
  3. Atleast I got CJ back but this dude cost me my season.
  4. Thoughts on Marcus Smart, Larry Nance? 9 cat 10 Teamer. They are sitting in my waiver wire. Will Smart rest b2bs? Nance be effected by Love's return? Will they run Nance/Love/Allen at the same time?
  5. Quote this with a prediction of his statline(9cat) and minutes he will get when he returns
  6. Dropped in a 10 teamer. Owned him for a month Picked up with hopes of his stocks, 3s, and decent FG% Turnovers, Free Throw %, and FG% is killing my team set up.
  7. Im fighting for the last seed in the playoff hunt. Him and AD are killing me only one IL spot. Are you guys holding?
  8. How do yall feel with anderson, now that winslow is returning?
  9. Looking for stocks this week. Saw he dropped a dud last game. Danny Green had 5 steals. I know sixers have had embiid and simmons, one or the other out. How does he perform when they are both playing? Does he get minutes? I anticipate he gets less minutes due to lack of shooting.
  10. Saw on his Instagram the boot is off while he was doing some shooting drills. I expect him to play first week after All-Star.
  11. Was offered Sexton/Collins for AD but waiting for more offers. Problem is most teams that are willing to stomach AD are the teams who can stomach his IL since they are in the upper-middle of standings. Tough giving him to a competitor, I could see in playoffs. Really am looking to give him up tho, have. a bade feeling he will rest B2Bs, and who knows if he will even dominate or provide top 10 value in games he plays.
  12. 12 teamers, I say grab him for end of roster. Anticipate good FG%, stocks, high reb about 8-10 points. Definitely one of the better guys on waiver wire, I wouldnt let him stay there. Theis has potential to be rested, can still be effective even with time share with Tristan Thompson.
  13. Fair advice here I appreciate it. For context replaced him with Delon Wright. My league is half casual so hes still there. I have been hit with injury and rest bug of AD, Kawhi, Horford, CJ so was tough to hold. And with an option of Delon Wright couldnt pass up. But very interested in picking him back up, as per my original post concerned he will be eased in but also see a scenario where he returns and is 100%, due to their strong play without him.
  14. Dropped him earlier this week. 10 teamer some good options. Worried since the Jazz are still playing well especially with Ingles and Clarkson picking up the slack he wont be rushed back. But keeping that in mind, since they are playing well no means to rush him back, so he could be 100%. Im curious if he will play back to backs or play less minutes. Hes still in my 10 team waiver wire. People watching Jazz games what do you think?
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