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  1. fvv siakam and og far improved trent jr lookin nice .. boucher been ballin they have a solid roster tbh
  2. u never know.. no one expected them to win the title when they did they got talent
  3. ^ same here .. desperately need blocks and his first game witout one all season smh
  4. he’s not just a shooter, he’s a good overall scorer.. we’re talking about a guy who averaged 21 ppg in january. and again, only 23 years old..... you don’t give up on a prospect like that so quickly. his defensive can use improvement, but he was also getting more physical and actually trying in the beginning of the season. and bulls were doing good with him being the second option.
  5. making a late season run for ww pickup of the year
  6. i think the bulls were better before getting vucevic.. tbh vucevic is a ball hog and not what the bulls need.. hell, he averages 20 fga this season- most in the nba, despite having a top 5 scorer like lavine on his side. and at 30 years old, i much rather see the bulls develop markkanen, who a.)played better off lavine and b.)looked like he could be part of a budding core that seemingly had one hell of a future. even wcj lookin good in orlando nowadays.. pg coby white sg zach lavine sf otto porter jr pf lauri markkanen c wendell carter jr wit
  7. deandre hunter kawhi leonard zach lavine andrew wiggins
  8. ^^gets it my strategy has always been “build for everything outside of turnovers and fg%״ it’s helped me to 14 championships
  9. i blame the coach from what i’ve seen, markannen has all-star potential and he was a monster to start the season, but he undeservingly got benched .. i think the vucevic acquisition actually made the bulls worse. sad.
  10. i feel bad for owners who still try to win turnovers
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