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  1. i mean ... when he’s good he’s good .. and when he’s bad he’s bad from january 13th to february 6th he was actually puttin up early round numbers
  2. his free throws are done a true case study after almost a decade at 80%+
  3. not guna lie, he’s been underwhelming since i picked him up.. basically myles turner witout the blocks, threes, and ft% aka myles turner witout the stats myles turner is revered for LOL this might not be the year for him .. borderline drop imo
  4. i believe he will be he’ll rest back to backs and might start off with a minute restriction, but i’d be surprised if he sits more than 5-6 weeks
  5. what’s up with this new “taco” term everyones been throwing around lately? where and how did it originate?? i don’t think i’ve ever heard it before this season, and it’s been used in almost every thread as of late LOL.
  6. what you mean? his february numbers are pretty much in line with his january numbers he is what he is.. guna give you 17 points 5 rebounds 2 assists a couple threes with a block and a steal .. nice for an end of your roster guy.
  7. easier to read than a wall of text....... but let’s be honest, we all thought cp3 was going to ELEVATE ayton.. similar to how he elevated blake griffin. now, we see he’s actually made ayton an afterthought. to most people, this has been a surprise... we’re talking about a 1st overall pick who was damn near 20-12 last year.. a franchise cornerstone, not some scrub who the Suns signed for the MLE.. so all that considered, the only real reason ayton is averaging 5 less attempts than last year is because the Suns are winning without the need for h
  8. just picked him up off the wire im not expecting much, but the slight chance that he becomes a focal point of the offense and gives us 18-10 was too intriguing to pass up
  9. i own both turner and ayton turner has been far better, but his arrow is pointing down lately on the other hand, ayton has been a huge disappointment, but it’s hard to imagine him not picking it up at some point this year if we compare them last season, ayton was far better, hence his adp .. so i think theyll both fall somewhere in between where they were last season and how they’re playing now, meaning they’ll meet in the middle by seasons end. the guy talkin bout scammers and being mean is hilarious tho.
  10. just picked him up in my league hoping his minutes remain with the return of JJJ
  11. you read my mind .... i just made this thread
  12. Al Horford went 8-of-16 from the field and 2-of-2 from the line for 20 points, seven rebounds, nine assists and two triples over 30 turnover-less minutes on Sunday. Advice: Horford is in a good spot for fantasy value operating as one of the lead men in OKC’s offense, but his value could take a decent-sized hit if the trade rumors turn out to be true and he’s shipped off to a contender at the deadline. He is flirting with top-40 value on the year, so fantasy managers may want to test his market value while it’s this high. ^^based on these idiotic blurbs, now if so
  13. no that’s not what they changed they changed the ability to leave the circle in between free throws.. he used to walk to half court and come back for his second free throw also not a good excuse, but that’s when he fell off
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