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  1. Still available in our league just thinking but those b2b games make me worry. I am on 5th position in H2H point. 12 team
  2. Grab Nurk it will pay later on. Kanter will lose value when Nurk back.
  3. Thank you all, appreciate I have Bam and Lavine the other member offer me, I counter with Doncic & D. Murray but was reject so I will pass. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you anyone else, appreciate any coments.
  5. Looking for some advice. Roto 12 team have trade proposed Adebayo and Lavine vs Doncic and Herro Which site is better. Thank you
  6. I would add also Beasley until suspension if happen and when.
  7. I J-Rich is hold. Wiseman will be better later on but for now is your next drop. If you decide J-Rich or Wiseman I would pick Holmes or Bryant. Another option is to drop two and pick Holmes and Bryant.
  8. I would pick Gordon, Nance and Schroder If guard needed then definitely Schroder
  9. For now Bam and Qubre. For Whiteside situation he will be monster when he will have more time. Bagley had problem in past , My person opinion if they don't use him smart he will get injured don't get me wrong I wish the best and like,. If you want to win league and how some room for risk and besides is too soon to say. Whiteside performance is not questionable however also could be health risk. I have Whiteside in two times and be checking his situation.
  10. Whiteside - when more minutes and season progress he will be good. You can always trade him later and loo for someone else. At this point is point to soon.
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