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  1. Gordon definitely. I say Andrews over Tonyan. I'm not keen on Higgins without Burrow but I'd take him over Shepard.
  2. Hi fellas, This is the best fantasy season I've ever had, having never before reached the semifinal. My opponent is the reigning champion over the last 4 seasons and if he gets past me, I think he'll win again. So this is high stakes for the whole league. My question is this: If my opponent starts TY Hilton, should I start Philip Rivers over Kyler Murray just to cancel out Hilton? My rationale: He's weak at WR, and picked up Hilton off waivers. I would've gotten him myself but he had better priority. Kyler has been in a slight slump since hurting his shoulder and Philly isn
  3. Which two of whom? Hunt, Jacobs, and Wilson? Of those three I'd cut out Jacobs.
  4. Assuming Rojo is Ronald Jones II, then him if he's healthy. If he's not, I'd go with Wilson because of the matchup.
  5. Conner and Hilton definitely. Not sure between Hunt and Cooper, but I'd lean toward Hunt.
  6. I'm conflicted on this after the Saints game. I still think Herbert though.
  7. Indy seems to be surging, and Hilton in particular. I'd go Hilton.
  8. I'd go Agholor myself. I don't trust Parker. Not sure about Moore. My gut is Agholor.
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