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  1. It’s the boards and blocks. I’d prefer he gave 0 points on 0/0 shooting with 8 boards, 7 assists, 1.5 steals and 1 block. Shoot give me half a block now. He’s putting up Rubio lines.
  2. /thread. Gafford will get you some blocks but that's about it.
  3. Who are folks targeting now? Safe to say that Ayton is off the buy low list.
  4. He's a stud. Loved those two fluky put back layups in the first half lol
  5. Ayton is a totally different player but he started off the season shooting very poorly from the line and has picked it up the last couple weeks. I think Ayton was a mix of mental and conditioning, but I wouldn't expect AD FT woes to continue ALL season long. Very frustrating none the less.
  6. Nice Russillo reference. I think he shows up for Chicago but his shooting woes are worrisome. He's really settling for the midrange shot this year and he's caught a little case of the yips at the free throw line. Lebron is shooting very well from 3 (39.6%) on his most attempts per game in his career (6.6). Lebron looks very comfortable letting it fly from 3 this year.
  7. Ayton is finally in shape. He was clearly gassed the first 10 games and is now getting fed the ball. Do I think he's 25/15 every night? No but 20/10 on elite %s plus blocks is reasonable.
  8. Yup. Knew he was a drop as soon as he took that shot. Payton is playing solid for Thibs (defense) and the Knicks are winning. The leash will be tight on Quickley for now.
  9. Agreed. This is actually a win for the patient owners.
  10. Wow. He should have two 3s as his foot was barely on the line twice. Great game DA.
  11. Thank you for the update. Hopefully Rivers rides the pine and Elf/Burks/Quickley share the guard minutes.
  12. I meant that he's a third round pick if you want him and I think he can finish top 25 but top 20 may be a reach. I believe there's a good chance he gets dealt by the trade deadline.
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