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  1. Must roster right now or wait to see what happens with Al Horford?
  2. He could be. He had value before. He hasn't gone completely ham with the added minutes. He won't get quite as many steals and blocks in 24 mins, but I don't think he's an outright drop. I'd be looking to sell high right now if possible though.
  3. He's a must add must hold. Dont drop him. You will regret it
  4. Who's close to dropping this guy? I feel like his spot could be better used as a streamer at this point . Sato is trying to take his job too.
  5. I think he'll go back to being who he always was. A decent point points guy.
  6. Key take away was the 30+ minutes even against a guy like Embiid. The last few seasons he would see a minutes drop against guys like him, so that's definitely positive.
  7. Shai might miss a bit of time with an ankle issue. More touches for Theo. All aboard the latest hype train?
  8. Tomorrow's matchup with Embiid will be very telling. If he gets big minutes and plays well, this could be real. If he gets bodied, and they give Biz more burn, then he's the same guy as the last two years.
  9. You forgot Nick Nurse, the worst coach in the league as per Chris Boucher owners.
  10. Does this guy have any upside left? He's sitting on my WW and I'm thinking about taking a flyer.
  11. Is the consensus that this guy will always bring the defensive stats, but the shooting will fluctuate? He seems like an early career Terrance Ross, where he'll explode one game and then disappear the next.
  12. I was low key hoping for a dud last night so my decision on who to cut for streaming would be easy. Luckily Alec Burks made the decision an easy one.
  13. Drop city. Stream spot is more valuable than this guy. His best case scenario feels like top 100 at this point.
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