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  1. you guys worrying about dlo's return must be in very shallow leagues. he's a stls/ast specialist. don't expect anything more than that. if you don't need that, drop him
  2. i drafted josh richardson over him in a dynasty. while considering both of them i'm in first place, but i should be guillotine'd for this decision
  3. this is how he operates. sometimes maybe ridiculously amazing sometimes maybe ****
  4. he's still producing essentially what you'd want from him. not sure where you guys' expectations are
  5. lol was moreso talking about what he's doing NOW. but absolutely. if the percentages come up he'll get there
  6. i know it sounds absolutely ridiculous to have something even close to a complaint about him, but has anyone else noticed he hasn't been hitting/taking any 3s? kinda sucks. is what it is though
  7. nah. my team already has insane steals and i kinda punt blocks. bertans is a career 40+ % shooter from 3 and i think he's barely above 30 rn. i'm willing to bet the law of averages swing toward his favor ROS
  8. haven't dropped him all season lol no way i'm doing it now at the end of the day, 2+ 3s per game is money from a center in a deep league.
  9. lol yeah i might have been very generous in my ROS FG efficiency projection. he really has to get better at choosing his spots
  10. he's always been an extremely smart player with great feel who just had shooting issues. when a guy is that young, you bet on that to improve 100x out of 100
  11. .... you do realize i was the big lonzo supporter always defending him in this thread right lmao? think you quoted the wrong post lol
  12. pretty bad last few games! again, other dude mighta had the right idea with the sell high lol. not too worried though, clearly this is just how he operates
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