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  1. im telling you he has shot like aboslute **** from 3 all year its insane
  2. he got a whole offseason of rest to come. he's a beast. i aint selling low for ****.
  3. yeah im cautiously optimistic ROS. he looks good again and they have a chance to compete. hopefully the worst is behind us with him
  4. man, feel for you. that stinks. should really try to talk to your commish and have that changed
  5. also dude, april 26th? doing it so wrong lmao. gotta start this week at the latest
  6. doubt he comes back man. and if he does it'll be in a limited capacity. so unless you're in a dynasty, no
  7. its half of it being blowouts, half of it being hes 30 and they're rebuilding/tanking. his minutes will probably be in the low 20s from here on out. if you're in a deep league i don't think he's necessarily a drop yet tho. ill give it a week
  8. why are you so angry lmao. was clearly kidding, although what i said was true
  9. to be fair, the schedule this year is beyond ridiculous. not doing these guys any favors
  10. OP got a point tbh. this is my first year doing season long in a while and i forgot how much bullshit goes into it
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