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  1. where oh where are @TroutFister @afflictionand all the other nonbelievers lmao you guys look so smart this week
  2. i held him through two tough playoff matchups and am now coasting to a championship this week. so my comment had no bearing on that. just thought it was funny that right as people most likely dropped him he went off like this
  3. the best part is this guy out of nowhere quoted me in this thread which was inactive for weeks.. just to be super ******** wrong. lmao
  4. would absolutely pick up maledon poku bazley and williams if available depending on what stats you'll need.
  5. maaaaan. only issue with players like him. the stats he gets are so hard to come by, sometimes they just disappear and there's nothing left on the table. im not dropping him, but this is really bad timing
  6. the numbers ever since i posted this have been great i was gonna leave it alone but you f***ers bumped the thread and have now jinxed it. so im gonna gloat while i still can
  7. if lonzo is the reason you're losing you stink at this lmao
  8. you dont win **** dumbass hes still top 60 on the year and hes on mins restriction
  9. the fact he's playing crucial minutes instead of haliburton is insane. luke walton is an r word
  10. i have defended covington all season. that being said.
  11. anyone notice the rating system for yahoo hasnt been updated in a few weeks? i think ever since it was having issues with stats updating and ****
  12. yea f--- nba players, let our billionaire owner overlords control any and everything hope that boot is scrumptious
  13. he's become demar derozan. this is ridiculous
  14. im telling you he has shot like aboslute **** from 3 all year its insane
  15. he got a whole offseason of rest to come. he's a beast. i aint selling low for ****.
  16. yeah im cautiously optimistic ROS. he looks good again and they have a chance to compete. hopefully the worst is behind us with him
  17. man, feel for you. that stinks. should really try to talk to your commish and have that changed
  18. also dude, april 26th? doing it so wrong lmao. gotta start this week at the latest
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