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  1. Thanks.......about to do the league safe, but before I hit send, can you please share your payout structure?
  2. zahedi33@yahoo.com is the email, but if it's isn't tonight...........I can't do it. I'm booked tomorrow night.
  3. I've never done the league safe thing before. Only been in leagues with people I know. It says no refunds, but what happens if you can't fill the league?
  4. Finally home and ready to join and pay. I don't see your invite? smoovepersian@yahoo.com
  5. I am interested, however........I'm in Hawaii and don't return to Cali until tomorrow night so I can't pay leaguesafe until I get home. I assume California allows it, but Hawaii doesn't. Please let me know and good luck. smoovepersian@yahoo.com
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