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  1. Its worse. I dropped him week 1 for Batum to win the week. Didn't want to do it because I believed in him but Yahoo repeatedly talked about a suspension "soon". As a previous Ayton owner, never want to go through that BS again. I figured once he got suspended he would get dropped provided he even had any value at all. At least I got Batum and I'm first place but still sucks. Not even close to as bad as a few years ago when I got Siakam with the last pick in the draft and dropped him for Austin Rivers. (lol) Even winning the league that year didn't mask the pain that decision brought upon me. Congrats everyone who held.
  2. Is he ever getting suspended? Whats taking the NBA so long?
  3. You'd have to think though if its to the Knicks one of Nitilinka or Dennis Smith possibly even both comes back in a trade. Considering the youth movement that's bound to happen and that Delon isn't a true point guard I could see him losing his starting spot to one of those guys or at the very least lose more minutes overall than with Rose playing back up point and missing half the games. As a Christian Wood owner last year, never underestimate Casey.
  4. Glad you made a thread on him. I had him for this week but was going to drop next week until this news. I wonder if he's a sell high though. I'd have to think even as a starter he's capped at like 25 mpg with Bev and Lou pushing him for minutes. His usage won't be as high either with PG and Kawhi back so I don't think we consistently see Detroit Reggie. Although I suppose he could have value with all of the rest days the clippers give out. He has a b2b next week and I'm wondering if dropping him for someone like Immanuel Quickley after that would be worth it or just holding him and see what happens.
  5. Its tough owning Beasley with a suspension looming. Especially with his good preseason (albeit no Russel). And he balled out at the end of last year. I'm wondering if having a streamer spot is better than this head case but he's got a lot of potential. I dont really want to lose multiple weeks hanging on to this guy. Does anyone know at what point the NBA will announce their suspension?
  6. I traded for him last year and watched a lot of his games. Donovan is using him much better. I never saw him take a mid range shot last year. He never attacked the paint, hell he wasn't allowed to even dribble the ball. Last year he just stood around at the 3 point line. He also looks physically much better. Dude looks faster and actually jumps now. Hoping in a new system that actually gets him involved and gives him freedom to use his athleticism as well as not playing hurt all year like last year we see something closer to rookie Lauri.
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