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  1. I've read that it's the anniversary of his mothers death. He should play the other games.
  2. +1 Dropped Keldon for Moses. Now it's just a matter of time for Moses to call upon the angel of fantasy death which shall injure the first drafted players of non-believing fantasy managers and spare mine. 😇
  3. Yeah, makes sense for you. I'm in a weekly league with no IR slots so I had to drop him. Cant put him in IR slot, too much of a risk to put him in a lineup considering all the B2B games Grizzlies will play.
  4. I dropped him in my league about a week ago. Playoffs start little bit early, on Week 15 (April 5th), so I lost all hope of him getting in form and helping me out. Am I gonna draft him next season? OF COURSE I WILL! I probably have a JJJ Stockholm syndrome. When I lay in bed, I fantasize about him getting better at rebounding, I'm counting his stocks instead of sheep when I have trouble falling asleep. I'm talking **** about him all the time in our group chat so I can get him cheaper the next draft. See you next season, sweet prince of Memphis 🥰 BenSimmons25 out
  5. First of all, I would be pleasantly and hugely surprised if he ends up in Philly (I'm a sixers fan). If (huge if) he lands in Philly, I think he will have similar output with less turnovers. Embiid will get his, and LaVine will get second most shots. Simmons is unselfish and enjoys playing defense and playmaking. Tobias Harris is also not one to kick a fuss and spends fair amount of his minutes with second unit. LaVine wouldn't have to be the primary ball handler and he could focus on his shooting. And he will be playing along Simmons who is near the top of the league for assists leading
  6. The night is darkest before the sunrise or something like that. I'm still waiting for him to have a beast of a game and that somebody on the forum makes a post "I love JJJ" but in excitement doesn't press "J" 3 times, but the key to the right of it. Hold dammit! Who's with Mel Gibson and BenSimmons25?
  7. People on the Rockets subreddit seem confident he will be back in their first post ASB game against the Kings. The next day they play Utah. Is it expected that he plays B2B in the first week from returning from ankle injury? I looked at Ja Morant's game log and he immediately played B2B games when he returned from his ankle injury. Put him in a lineup or not? If I cant get Wood two nights in a row, I'm not even gonna bother putting him in.
  8. Nothing on pornhub either. I'll keep monitoring...
  9. Im holding JJJ. At this point I'm not expecting much usage/minutes-wise considering how deep Memphis are, and how cautious with him they are. Will probably try to package him with another player to get that league winning trade before the deadline. If not, as things stand now, in week 17 (which is the playoff finals of my league) Grizzlies have 4 games, none of which are B2Bs so maybe the bastard wins me the league. It would be only fair considering I drafted him hoping he plays MLK day (anyone remember that?) .
  10. Damn you, you gave me false hope! Either way I dont care. Looking forward to time after the ASB when my Keldon Johnson gets fully healthy. And my Derrick White. And my Jaylen Brown. And my Haliburton. And my Jaren Jackson. And my Christian Wood. Of course, Porzingis also always has a niggle or five.. Did I mention my league doesn't have IR spots? 🤣
  11. Basically, if he plays tonight I win my matchup 5:4. If he doesnt play I lose 3:6. Considering game vs. Toronto is probably be postponed, its logical he plays tonight, right guys? Cmon, play tonight, then play 10 min in all star game and then be refreshed and ready to go for the second half of the season. 🙏
  12. Porzingis is gonna have a beast of the second half of season. 22 and 11. Two blocks, three 3's. You ever wonder why vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok went west to pillage and burn, and not east? There were stories about a god across the Baltic Sea who is mightier than Thor and more powerful than Odin. Nobody was willing to risk facing him! 1000+ years into the future and here we are. Keep your battle axes by your side fellas. Protect your women. Sacrifice the best that your livestock has to offer. And pray. The god from the east is among us. And he shall be unleashed!
  13. First year fantasy player here, so I dont have a lot of experience. My five cents: Looking at the numbers over at hashtagbasketball, it was obvious Tatum&Siakam are not enough for Jokić. Both in stats so far and in projections. Saying that, Tatum (and the Celtics as whole) should play better the second half of the season. Siakam also (maybe even Lowry gets traded to a contender - that wont hurt his stats). You add Wendell to that, and the fact that you are not very good so far - I say it's a fair deal. If your team in signature is correct, you should consider going down the punt
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