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  1. Porzingis is gonna have a beast of the second half of season. 22 and 11. Two blocks, three 3's. You ever wonder why vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok went west to pillage and burn, and not east? There were stories about a god across the Baltic Sea who is mightier than Thor and more powerful than Odin. Nobody was willing to risk facing him! 1000+ years into the future and here we are. Keep your battle axes by your side fellas. Protect your women. Sacrifice the best that your livestock has to offer. And pray. The god from the east is among us. And he shall be unleashed!
  2. First year fantasy player here, so I dont have a lot of experience. My five cents: Looking at the numbers over at hashtagbasketball, it was obvious Tatum&Siakam are not enough for Jokić. Both in stats so far and in projections. Saying that, Tatum (and the Celtics as whole) should play better the second half of the season. Siakam also (maybe even Lowry gets traded to a contender - that wont hurt his stats). You add Wendell to that, and the fact that you are not very good so far - I say it's a fair deal. If your team in signature is correct, you should consider going down the punt
  3. I dropped Bazley a month ago, never looked back. The problem with him is that he is so bad %-wise that you always think that one of these days the flood gates are gonna open. But they never do , so I would drop him.
  4. I give: Colin Sexton, DeAndre Ayton I get: Jrue Holiday, OG Anunoby I have over-invested in REB (Wood, Vučević, Porzingis, Kanter, Ayton) and I'm pretty bad at stocks. Steals especially. I have hopes that Jrue can flirt with top40 ROS and OG can be at least top60. On the other hand, Sexton maybeee top80,and Ayton.. i dont know, 50-60. Would you do it?
  5. Too much doom and gloom here. But I have a cure: We have Valentine's day in ten or so days. Imagine lighting up some candles, opening a bottle of some fine wine, maybe putting on some music... And reading tweets how our boy JJJ is having 5 on 5 training. Sheeeeit, let's go wild, it's V-day - they gonna put up a video. How he gently caresses the ball and makes a three-point attempt. And in the calmness of your room only your breath disturbs the candlelight as you say with a joyful tear in you eye: "Nothing but net". Stay strong brothers!
  6. Vučević owners huddle up! Whats to do now that Magic was decimated by injuries? How likely is that his number will fall either by being traded or Magic giving up on the season? If you are trading, what are you trading for? In my league I can get Butler for Vooch don't know if I should go for it. I'm even considering making a package of players and going for Jokić. But if I'm gonna do that, now is the time when his stocks are high.
  7. And there are even more positive news: February is the shortest month! It's basically 10% shorter than for example January. In a way we are lucky they are ramping up recovery this month, than the previous one. 😁😁😁
  8. Last I heard they tried to make him go to rehab, but he said "NO, NO, NO"
  9. Came here to ask is it time to buy low, hahah. Would gladly appreciate if somebody who is familirar with the team dynamics in Sacramento sheds some light to this situation. I know, I know, I could google it and find out myself. But let's be realistic, life's too short to waste on reading about the Kings 😐
  10. STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! I can only get so erect 😆
  11. Dammit. From now on Charlie is my favourite unicorn!
  12. If you are reading this, please play today Mr. Unicorn. I only need a few 3's and a couple of blocks 🙏
  13. Yes, yes. I wish I could inject your words directly in my veins. 🤩 With Kristaps, and with healthy Derrick and JJJ I'm gonna get more blocks than teenage me got when I was messaging girls trying to get laid 🥰.
  14. Hate to be that guy but we have an update. Slightly negative update to be more precise: "Taylor Jenkins says the #Grizzlies shutdown for health/safety protocols delayed the rehab work of Jaren Jackson Jr and Justise Winslow"
  15. Sheeeit guys, you got me on the hype train. I dropped Bazley for this guy.
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