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  1. Need one more for a free roto league drafting in 1 hour 7/8 teams already claimed, want 1 or 3 more for a nice round number. Hoping to fill it within 10 minutes so we can draft on schedule at 7PM ET. Send me your email if interested and I'll send you an invite right away!
  2. Is that why you didn't accept my league's invite Ryan - wrong email? I updated it haha
  3. Free ESPN 9 cat roto league. 7 teams at present, want an 8th for a nice round number (though we'd take three more if we get that much interest). Hoping to draft at 7PM ET, so we need to fill the league quickly; if you're interested, leave your email and I'll send an invite now!
  4. Bumping this! We have seven owners confirmed, need one more for a nice round number. Draft is in 2 hours. Any takers?
  5. We haven't either (only done points leagues in the past) so we'll learn together! invite sent
  6. We do! Just tell me your email and I'll send the invite.
  7. My league (mentioned above) has no entry fee, free to play
  8. If you're willing to settle for a 9 cat, we'd be happy to have you! drafts tonight at 7 ET
  9. My three friends and I are starting a 9 cat roto league. We all know basketball but want to keep it casual so there's no money involved (though we're happy to add you to a group chat to talk sh*t haha). Hoping to draft tonight at 7PM ET with as many players as we can find, up to ten. Tell me to what address I should send the email invite if you wanna play!
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