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  1. Of my knowledges, it will be at the best 4-6 weeks of imobilisation. So 6-8 weeks before being back on court if we imagine 2 weeks of rehab. Actually, I'm really hesitating about trade KAT for Wood, I'm punting assist, so the downgrade is minimize. Still some risks after the 4-6 weeks, that it looks not good and need more rest or surgery.
  2. Hey guys, I'm starting my second league of the year ! ( Managing leagues for 8 years ) Draft is tomorrow, just before the start of the season ! You can check the options here : https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=1735984775 Regular season winner get back his 100$, then the top 3 in PO are paid, 50,30,20 % I take the fees by PayPal because I'm from Europe, so can't go with league safe. I will update here the subscriptions and payments. If we can't reach the 10 players, the fees will be i
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