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  1. Embiid would bully him today either way. Nets a soft, they ain't winning ****.
  2. On the 16th he gets evaluated and feels great, he starts the game, drops 45/13/15/3/2.
  3. That's why he got sick, eating that garbage in the first place.
  4. All on Durant now, Harden did it himself, i bet neither Kyrie nor Durant can take over like Harden.
  5. CLOWN! Responsible for making Harden go hard when he was celebrating his birthday week. GTFO little bitch
  6. i blame it on pussy Irving for sitting games for his birthday and having Harden go hard, blame it on Durant for being a skinny flake. I hope the Lakers take it or even Bucks take them out in the ECF.
  7. And this all comes days after he said "I play no matter what" Total jinx.
  8. Exactly, he could have sat another week, but they rush him back or he said he was fine since the MRI was clean. But they should know that the hammy issue can linger and cause problems. So they sit KD for weeks upon weeks and let Harden go back to play. Rough, i hope he sits this week, but any longer will definitely suck
  9. Tell me about it, held on to him for months and expected a slow but sure ramp up. This is definitely deflating,
  10. This is nice, i can definitely see myself playing in a league settings like said above.
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